Never has there been a more important time to engage in self-care. The health care you do for yourself.

It seems as if current events are stretching and testing our resilience at every level - physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. Yet, far from being powerless beings cast upon a sea of government mandates, there is actually a great deal that we can do to change our experience of what we're being forced to endure.

One of the key levers you can use to reset or reboot your resilience is food. Plain and simple. Food is not just a fuel or energy carrier, a mere delivery system for calories, it's a rich source of 'information' that informs every cell and action in our bodies, including turning on and off genes. That's why it really matters what food you eat, when you eat it, how you prepare it and what state of mind you're in when you eat it. It's the flow of information that you ingest, provided your gut is healthy enough to assimilate and utilise it, that determines a lot more of our experience of life than many realise.

That seems like a bold claim, but consider that food was our first, and for a significant time, only, medicine and it will make sense why so many of our biochemical processes and pathways are reliant on molecules we must eat in our food. Your food has the power to create health, alter your trajectory if you're heading down a disease pathway, reset your metabolism, put out the fire of inflammation, turn on powerfully protective cellular mechanisms and so much more. All of which helps to create a level of resilience and flexibility in your mind and body that allows you to meet the challenges of modern life with far less stress and damaging outcomes.

Our new, hot off the press, 170-page eBook is the companion text to our Food4Health Guides (Flexitarian Omnivore / Vegan  / Children), taking you by the hand and guiding you through the process of becoming metabolically flexible and setting you on the road to restoring (or maintaining) health resilience. In it you'll also find out why government ‘healthy eating’ guidelines are making so many people sick. For those of you interested in how to get 'keto-adapted', you'll also find step by step instructions to get you started. 

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