ANH founder, executive & scientific director, Rob Verkerk PhD, spoke to James Lyons-Weiler PhD (aka "Dr Jack") recently about the Control Group Study, which analysed data from people who had chosen to exercise their right of refusal over the recent C19 mass vaccination programme.

Before, diving in to the main subject of discussion, Rob and James delve into a range of issues that are of the moment. These include: the impacts of the loss of trust in authority, a phenomenon that has gathered great pace over the last three years; the need to redefine the meaning of 'science'; why globalism struggles to provide solutions that work for people at a local level, and; how fear is used to drive tyranny.

These issues were just the prelude to the main subject of the interview which relates to the published study, led by Rob Verkerk, that revealed important findings, outcomes and experiences of a cohort from the 'control group'.

Click on the image to go to Dr James' Substack, Popular Rationalism, to join James and Rob's 80 minute conversation.

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