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  • The palm oil paradox

    07 February 2018

    In advance of this weekend’s South East Asian launchpad for integrative medicine, we look at one of Malaysia’s biggest and most controversial exports

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  • Should you stop taking fish oil supplements?

    02 May 2018

    What to do in the wake of study involving leading statin advocate Rory Collins which says fish oils don’t work

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  • News Alerts: Week 04, 2020

    23 January 2020

    Censored – Google & natural health; Flawed FDA drugs approval system; Parkinson’s Disease & the gut; Soybean oil & brain damage; Big Ag playbook revealed

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  • News Alerts: Week 05, 2019

    30 January 2019

    EU attacks on CBD oil; Designer chickens to lay drugs; Digital drugs; ASEAN battle for health; DNA tests on the NHS

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  • News Alerts: Week 32, 2017

    09 August 2017

    Gardasil injury claim in Colombia; FDA health claim for soybean oil; Eat a Rainbow for flu protection

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  • News Alerts: Week 09, 2018

    28 February 2018

    Measles hysteria and media bias, Pharma funded antidepressant science, ‘Trust me I’m a Doctor’ on coconut oil benefits and UK Millenials set to be unhealthiest generation yet

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  • News Alerts: Week 46, 2019

    13 November 2019

    David Noakes extradited; Google & health data; Traditional medicine; World Scientists’ declare climate emergency; Planetary diet too posh; Vaping harms; Carbtastic WeightWatchers; Sustainable palm oil & rainforest destruction.

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  • News Alerts: Week 48, 2019

    28 November 2019

    UK nursery adopts vegan menu; Impact of air pollution on kids health; Soaring obesity rates in LATAM; Teens targeted by Big Food; Palm oil can be sustainable; US nutrition organisations unite; Food supplements on US health insurance; Save the Bees!

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  • News Alerts: Week 16, 2020

    16 April 2020

    URGENT call to action for herbalists and herb lovers in the Netherlands; New Covid-19 blood test; UK MHRA receives Gates funding; Call for citizen scientists; Include vitamin C!; Low carb diets work; Rise in autoimmunity in US; Habitat & biodiversity loss; Fish oil supplements reduce CVD death risk

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  • News Alerts: Week 34, 2018

    22 August 2018

    Coconut oil poison; Decline in US life expectancy; High dose vitamin D; Cancer busting veggies; Insects good for your gut; Swopping bee poisons; Water fluoridation=mass medication; Coercion to vaccinate

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