Stop Medical Discrimination campaign launched in US

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFD) have launched a petition. The aim of the campaign to stop citizens from being intimidated or pressurised into accepting experimental vaccines or being discriminated against should they choose not to accept a covid vaccine. Accompanying the petition is a White Paper setting out the AFD’s position on experimental covid vaccines. In it they call for caution, more transparency and research before US citizens embark on the “largest experimental medical program in US history”.

Censorship & cancel culture revs up

If an organisation questions the mainstream narrative should it be entitled to receive government funding to help it weather the draconian restrictions imposed globally? The Centre for Countering Digital Hate and Forbes seem to think not. Not one but two high profile US based organisations who question vaccine safety amongst other issues have been targeted in recent weeks over their receipt of federal funding to keep employees in work during the pandemic. The first to be attacked was the Informed Consent Action Network headed by Del Bigtree. We recommend watching Del Bigtree’s encounter with a journalist hell bent on getting him to admit The Highwire should not have accessed federal funds because it questions vaccine safety goaded on by Imran Ahmed from the UK based Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH). The latest ‘victim’ is which has been attacked by Forbes also for accessing federal support funds, much like companies in the UK are supported in order to support their employees. Far from censoring Mercola and Bigtree, both Forbes and the Center for Countering Digital Hate have unwittingly given them a much bigger platform from which to share their messages.

What is the healthiest diet for humans and the planet?

Low carb high fat diets (LCHF) improve health. That’s the conclusion of best-selling author Gary Taubes writing in The Wall Street Journal. The full article can be accessed here. In recent years, climate change activists have focused on the damage they claim that meat production is having on the planet. Instead, exhorting us to adopt a mostly plant-based diet with little or no animal products. However, not everyone is suited to virtually vegan diets due to the relatively high carbohydrate load in plants, although it is possible to be LCHF as a vegan with a little creativity in the kitchen. Ongoing nutritional science confirms that metabolic disease and obesity is largely driven by diets high in carbohydrate-rich foods because they create insulin spikes, not solely because of the calorie load. However, excess calories that aren’t utilised will be stored as fat. The net effect of constantly raised insulin is that less fat is burned as insulin pushes it into storage. At ANH-Intl, we advocate an LCHF diet rich in plant-based foods that, wherever possible, are organic combined with smaller amounts of high welfare meat and fish so you can nourish both yourself and the planet.

Sharks under threat

Shark populations are in serious danger. Their numbers have declined by 71% since the 1970’s to the point that 24 out of 31 ocean species of sharks and rays are now under threat of extinction. According to a new article published in Nature the primary issue is the number of sharks and rays being caught whilst fishing for other species such as tuna and swordfish. However, the researchers have neglected to include the risk to sharks from the squalene industry, which is currently being driven by demand from vaccine manufacturers for new mRNA based covid vaccines. Urgent action is now required to ensure the future of these fascinating and beautiful creatures that form an essential part of the ocean’s ecology, the loss of which could have devastating untold and unintended consequences.

Lockdown, blue skies & climate change

When lockdowns were introduced in March 2020 and pollution from traffic, industry and air travel dropped significantly it was a seen as a positive during an otherwise challenging time. But now a modelling study published in Geophysical Research Letters reveals an unexpected side effect of the reduction. Researchers believe the lack of aerosol pollutants has contributed to a slight warming, rather than cooling of the climate. This is because, it’s thought that the aerosols associated with pollution, reflect sunlight back into space exerting a cooling effect as less sunlight enters the atmosphere. The researchers concluded that the reduction in aerosols had a bigger impact on temperature increases in 2020 than any reductions in greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide had in reducing temperatures. Although the researchers say their study does not advocate ongoing pollution of the atmosphere it does potentially leave the door open for those who believe geoengineering is the way forward in combatting climate change.

Crony capitalism

The eye watering levels of cronyism in the way the UK Government has awarded pandemic related contracts in the last year has been brought into sharp relief by a new report from the Institute for Government. In its Whitehall Monitor 2021 the Institute highlights the lack of transparency in the way pandemic-related contracts have been awarded. Revealing only 1% have been awarded through competitive tender processes, with many extremely lucrative contracts being simply handed to Tory party donors and supporters. The Good Law Project has launched a legal action to bring the Government to account and force it to disclose details of pandemic related contracts. This is yet another example of crony capitalism in action and the rich getting richer to the detriment of the rest of the UK population.

Coconut oil & vitamins combat covid-19

Suspected covid-19 patients given virgin coconut oil (VCO) are reported to have recovered more quickly than those who weren’t given it. A small study conducted by the Food and Nutrition Institute (DNRI) in the Philippines recruited 57 suspected covid-19 patients. Of these 29 patients were given VCO, while the remaining 28 were not. Symptoms were seen to significantly reduce in the VCO group by day two compared to day three in the control group. The VCO group had no observable symptoms by day 18 compared to day 23 in the control group. The lead researcher said VCO’s anti-viral properties were the most likely reason patients recovered more quickly. A new modelling study from researchers at the University of Bristol publishing in Angewandte Chemie found that vitamins A, D and K bind to the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 making it less able to infect cells. Such confirmation of the power of natural compounds to be used both as a treatment and preventative treatment puts lie to government and health authority claims that the only way to deal with the SARS-CoV-2 virus is through the use of synthetic biology vaccines that use new to nature systems. Using natural compounds our bodies have evolved with surely makes far more sense than injecting substances that have the potential to cause significant harms.

Saturated fats don’t cause heart disease

Publishing in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Norwegian researchers question the long-held hypothesis that consumption of saturated fat causes heart disease. The study adds to the ever-growing mountain of evidence showing saturated fats are a healthy part of our diet and aren’t the baddies they’re painted to be. The researchers also questioned the benefit of lowering levels of cholesterol in the blood by switching from saturated fats to polyunsaturated fatty acids in the diet and not addressing root causes for elevated LDL-cholesterol in people with cardiovascular disease such as low-grade inflammation and insulin resistance. Let’s be clear – eating fat is not harmful to our health. It’s our over-consumption of highly refined carbohydrates along with industrially created trans fats and large amount of polyunsaturated fats that are driving heart disease.