PPI use increases cancer risk

The long-term use of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs or antacids) prescribed by conventional medics that suppress the formation of stomach acid to counter the effects of reflux is commonplace these days. This is despite the fact that heartburn is mostly a result of too little stomach acid rather than an over-production as doctors keep telling patients. A new study now links the long-term use of PPIs to an increased risk of developing gastric cancer. Furthermore, their use can dramatically change the pH of the gut damaging the delicate environment which results in the loss of beneficial gut bacteria. Their use can also result in an increased risk of heart attack, 44% increased risk of dementia, increased risk of liver disease plus an increased risk of death in general. You can help yourself to resolve heartburn and reflux safely and cheaply by taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in half a glass of water before a meal. Following the ANH-Intl Food4Health guidelines will support you further.

Chicken or egg? Why flu vaccine is not effective

The annual flu vaccine is far less effective than health authorities claim, due to the way it is produced. The different components of each year’s vaccine are commonly grown in chicken eggs. A recent study has found that the H3N2 virus subtype mutates when produced this way in order to provide more effective protection in birds rather than humans. This means that vaccines containing the mutated version of the H3N2 subtype are not recognised by human immune systems, reducing overall efficacy of the vaccine and posing a concern for global public health. In addition, the flu vaccine poses a problem for vegans, some vegetarians and those that have egg allergy.

RCVS rejects homeopathy use for animals

In a move that mirrors the actions of the NHS, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has issued a statement rejecting the use of homeopathy for animals due to it not being based on “sound scientific principles”. This is despite strong evidence of the efficacy of homeopathy being shown in 5 out of 6 systematic trials. These actions, in our view, are just pure blatant prejudice because they are against the science. If you believe that we should have the freedom to choose the treatments our pets receive you can sign the petition to stop the promotion of pharmaceutical-only options.

The supersizing of the AgriFood industry

Big Food and Big Agra are getting ever larger in an effort to completely control the world’s food chain. A new report has highlighted the dangers of the control now being exerted on global markets under the supposed premise of ending world hunger. Yet these actions are at the expense of the very people we rely on to produce our food and thereby maintain our health. ANH-Intl has been drawing attention to this situation for some time now, but hypothetical warnings have now become stark reality. We need your help and support to continue our work to promote freedom of choice and a sustainable food and healthcare system for all. To make a donation, however big or small, please visit our Donate page. Without you we can’t continue to work for you and your families.