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  • News roundup (week 49/2021)

    08 December 2021

    Autism increase in US; Food additives damage gut microbiome; UK govt promotes sustainable farming; FDA & phtalates ban

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  • Natural News Roundup (week 20/2022)

    19 May 2022

    Fake meat losing public trust; A manufactured crisis?; 5G radiation damages male fertility; Pesticides change gut microbiome; Agrichemical companies try to corrupt science

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  • Weekly news update (week 39, 2021)

    29 September 2021

    Insulin resistance & depression; Flavonoids and gut health; Synbiotics reduce stress reactions; Pharmaceuticals damage the microbiome; The dangers of EMFs; FDA’s approvals process criticised; Kratom witchunt; UK to allow gene editing

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  • Natural News Roundup (week 23/2022)

    09 June 2022

    EFSA stalls CBD novel food approval; New approach to healthy ageing needed; EFSA reviews copper ADI; Merck fights HPV lawsuit; Glyphosate damages gut microbiome; Mosquitoes learn to dodge pesticides; What we're reading

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  • News Alerts: Week 23, 2020

    03 June 2020

    Immune support for NHS staff; Biased BBC on natural wellness; 5G legal challenges; Microbiome Rewilding; New EU Farm to Fork

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  • ANH News Beat (week 20/2024)

    16 May 2024

    Our weekly roundup of the latest natural and covid news from across the globe in one place. This week stomach burning for weight loss; Health Canada gets sneaky!; Labelling gene edited organisms not required; UPF consumption increases risk of early death; the latest from ANH-USA plus Covid News and much much more...

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  • Speaking Naturally with holistic dentist Dr Elmar Jung

    07 February 2024

    Robert Verkerk PhD sits down with Dr Elmar Jung to bust some common myths around dental health and how we care for our teeth

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  • Natural News Roundup (week 08/2022)

    23 February 2022

    Vegetables - healthful or not?; Pollution of rivers by pharmaceutical drugs; Pesticides destroy environmental microbiomes; Vitamin D reduces autoimmune risk; Antibiotics, babies microbiomes & cognition; Integrating medicine is my mission

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  • Natural News Roundup (week 19/2022)

    12 May 2022

    Regenerating agriculture; EU opens back door to gene editing; Fast food fuels EU obesity crisis; Poor sleep hinders weight maintenance; Antibiotic use damages children's microbiome; Menopause - do women need HRT?; Sharp drop in UK bug numbers; Attack on US supplement market; When moo (juice) becomes taboo!

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  • News Alerts: Week 06, 2021

    10 February 2021

    UK govt NHS power grab; SARS-CoV-2 origins; Putting the Covid Vaccine On Trial; Council of Europe rules no mandated covid vaccines; Censors, censorship, censored! Pandemic – murder most foul; No deaths from supplements; The battle for vitamin D continues; Glyphosate damages microbiome; Forest bathing benefits

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