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Natural News

  • The German Health Minister is trying to withdraw state funding for homeopathic and anthrosophic treatments, saying that there are no proven medical benefits. Initially estimated to save €10 million, the health ministry is now justifying the move by stating savings of up to €50 million could be made. However, there's no mention of the savings made by  homeopathy and anthrosopophic medicine keeping people out of the mainstream medical system.

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  • The experience and feelings of patients are often ignored and dismissed, as mainstream clinicians believe they’re not a relevant or valuable part of the diagnostic process. A new study published in Rheumatology found fewer than 4% of clinicians highly rated individual patients' self-assessment of their neuropsychiatric related conditions, preferring instead to rely on their own diagnosis, even when they weren’t confident in that diagnosis. The researchers concluded that valuing patients’ input was likely to bring many benefits, including fewer misdiagnoses and increased patient satisfaction. Prioritising patient experience and involvement in their health journey is a key part of our sustainable health approach outlined in our Blueprint for Health System Sustainability.

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  • The number of people being admitted to UK hospitals for obesity related conditions every day, has increased by 8% since 2021/22. New data from NHS Digital Data for England shows a large proportion of the recorded admissions were for bariatric surgery and hundreds of thousands were related to complications due to obesity.

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  • We’ve previously written (see below) about Natural Asset Companies (NACs) and their use to commodify nature. In the US, Attorneys General for 25 states have written to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to oppose the proposed creation of NACs as they recognise the very real threat of an investment vehicle, “designed to take land off the market to prohibit productive economic uses”. Dr Meryl Nass has more. UPDATE 18/01/24: NACs have been stopped from trading on the New York Stock Exchange for the time being.

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  • A new report from the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) calls for more oversight of supplements by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The report’s recommendations play into the hands of the FDA as it seeks to restrict access to dietary supplements and put the control of valuable nutrients into the hands of the pharmaceutical industry. The Council for Responsible Nutrition said the variations posed no risk to pregnant women or their babies and branded the report as unnecessarily alarmist
  • The US Environmental Protection Agency has registered the use of a new type of gene-silencing biopesticide, which relies on RNA Interference (RNAi) to modify the genetics of the pests being targeted. The new three year registration, is for a biopesticide, known as Ledprona, that targets the Colorado potato beetle. As reported by the ANH-USA team recently, there is very little safety data available to assess potential risks to human health.

ANH-USA Update

  • A drug company, Metrobiotech, is doing its best to turn NMN, a natural product, into a drug and prevent its continued sale as a dietary supplement. As part of its campaign, it’s responded to ANH-USA’s Citizen’s Petition urging the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reject the petition and give the company a monopoly on NMN. Read more and take action to protect NMN as a natural health supplement…
  • As Big Pharma races to find new antibiotics to counter increasing numbers of resistant bacteria that have mutated to evade the current range of antibiotics, pinning our hopes on the development of new antibiotic drug candidates to ward off a time when antibiotics no longer work seems doomed to failure. There is hope to be found in the myriad of natural compounds that help to counter pathogens and nutrients that support a well-functioning immune system however. Read more
  • Dr Ron Hoffman explores the controversial and confusing subject of salt in our food asking who’s right and wrong when it comes to our need for salt in our diet and the type of salt we should be eating. Read more

Covid News

Read more about the WHO Pandemic Treaty (Accord)

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  • How real is shedding from covid shots? The jury is out in regard to the mechanisms behind it, but there’s a general consensus that shedding is very real and can be problem for some. A MidWestern Doctor explores the phenomenon and asks for people to share their individual experiences of how they’ve been affected by shedding from covid shots
  • The UK covid inquiry has postponed its enquiry into the development and role of covid vaccines in response to the covid crisis indefinitely as it uses the excuse of prioritising its investigation into the impact of the covid crisis on the NHS and healthcare in the UK
  • Did the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) to treat covid patients cause nearly 17,000 deaths? A new meta-analysis based on data from six countries between March and July 2020, published in Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, claims just that. However, it appears the study’s authors based their assumptions on flawed data and completely ignored the large body of evidence that shows the effectiveness of HCQ for early treatment of covid patients along with other interventions such as Remdesivir and ventilator use. Their conclusions relied heavily on a significant amount of guesswork and assumptions. Speaking to The Defender, Dr Peter McCullough, said this type of analysis couldn’t reliably tell if HCQ had an effect or not and that many of those that died were treated too late in the disease process for HCQ to be effective and that it was covid, not HCQ, that led to the deaths
  • Pathologist, Dr Ryan Cole, has become the latest high profile US doctor to be penalised for speaking out about the potential harms of covid shots. Read Dr Cole's response to the charges. Dr Cole has had his licence to practice restricted by the Washington Medical Commission. The restriction means he will only be able to practice as a pathologist and will no longer be able to see patients or prescribe medications. Dr Cole will be able to appeal the restrictions if he agrees to undergo ‘re-education’, pay a fine and go down on bended knee before the Commission. If he chooses not to comply with the Commission’s diktats, he could lose his licence completely
  • Over half of American adults questioned in a new Rasmussen Reports survey believe covid shots could be responsible for many unexplained deaths, with nearly one in four believing they know someone who's died as a result of receiving covid shots
  • Giving testimony to a US House Select Subcommittee on covid, Dr Anthony Fauci admitted social distancing 'recommendations', forced on millions of people globally, just "sort of appeared" and weren't based on solid scientific evidence
  • A new study from Turkish researchers, published in Neurochemical Research, conveys a stark warning against the use of covid genetic vaccines in pregnancy. Using rats, the researchers administered covid shots during pregnancy. Male pups born to vaccinated mothers were more likely to experience autism like brain damage than those born to unvaccinated mothers. Ashmedai takes a deep dive into the study and its conclusions.


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