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Natural News

  • Taking a daily multivitamin can prevent cognitive decline in older adults. The latest study to be released by the team behind the COSMOS (Cocoa Supplement and Multivitamin Outcomes Study) Trial, based on data from a sub-cohort, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, demonstrates that taking a multivitamin daily supports healthy brain function as we age.

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  • Cancer rates in Americans under the age of 50 have increased between 2010-2019 by approximately 1%, while rates in older people have declined. Researchers publishing in JAMA Network Open, point to increasing levels of obesity, drinking alcohol, smoking, poor sleep and being sedentary as potential causes, along with increasing exposure to a range of carcinogens. Meanwhile, the latest ‘Cancer Statistics Report Projection’ from the American Cancer Society, published in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, predicts a 2.7% growth rate in cancer rates in 2024. In line with the JAMA study, the greatest increase is being seen in, and predicted for, those under the age of 50
  • The Hong Kong Consumer Council is calling for regulation of dietary supplements as part of a new report into probiotic supplements. Detailing multiple issues with product labelling, efficacy claims and the types of probiotic organisms used, the authors call for the issues identified to be resolved by introducing legislation to regulate dietary supplements in line with other regions and countries such as the EU, United States and Canada
  • In South Korea, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) has announced health functional foods (HFF) containing vitamin C will need to display warnings on the label advising consumers against consuming too much and that kidney patients need to consult their specialist before using such a product. The warnings will also need to added to products containing eight other nutrients including vitamin B6 and theanine.

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  • In a major win against government bully boy tactics, a key witness in a long running court battle over the fluoridation of drinking water in the USA, will be allowed to give evidence, despite attempts to have him barred by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The testimony revolves around a key report produced by the National Toxicology Program, which concludes that fluoride exposure contributes to lower childhood IQ. The report has met multiple blocks to its release and is yet to be formally published, almost two years following its completion
  • The battle over the regulation of gene edited organisms in the EU is hotting up. On the one side are those that support continued regulation of the sector to protect both human and environmental health. As a key vote looms (24th January*), the Pesticide Action Network (Europe) has sent a letter to members of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety detailing its "deep concerns" over the potential harms posed by the deregulation of plants obtained using new genomic techniques (NGT). On the other side, a consortium of 37 Novel Laureates and nearly 1,500 scientists have signed an open letter calling on EU MEPs to support the deregulation of NGTs and ignore the views of ‘anti-science’ lobbyists supporting the continued regulation of GMOs and NGTs. The letter has been coordinated by a relatively new organisation called WePlanet (previously known as RePlanet), an organisation that purports to be open minded and follow ‘the science’, yet in the same breath says it will challenge anyone who disagrees with their view of the science. *MEPs voted to downgrade regulation of NGTs in the EU creating a two tier system.

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  • Vaccine hesitancy continues to spook health authorities as increasing numbers of people question the safety and efficacy of all vaccines. New analysis in The BMJ considers how to track vaccine hesitancy and what behavioural interventions should be used to counter it including using prebunking techniques (inoculating) to educate people about the need for vaccination, 'encouraging' vaccination through mandates and regulation designed to ensure healthcare professionals toe the party line when it comes to dishing out vaccines.

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  • Fat and sugar is a powerful combination when it comes to hitting a human 'bliss point' and delivering a dopamine hit. A new mouse study, published in Cell Metabolism, provides evidence of what the food manufacturers already know so well and so successfully exploit. Combining fat and sugar causes a double dopamine hit via separate reward circuits in the vagus nerve which allows foods to be deliberately designed to be extremely addictive.

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ANH-USA Update

  • The ANH-USA team lays out a stark warning about the World Health Organization’s power grab under the proposed Pandemic Treaty/Accord, which threatens Americans' health freedom and US sovereignty. Read more
  • A new report from the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) uses prenatal dietary supplements as a vehicle to support the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) efforts to implement mandatory product listing for food supplements. Read more and find out what you can do to protect access to dietary supplements in the US.

Covid News

  • We're now being told that if everyone in England and Scotland had been covid jabbed, there would’ve been 7,000 fewer hospitalisations or deaths due to covid between June – September 2022. These particular 'conclusions', which have been widely shared in mainstream media, come from a new study published in The Lancet about under-vaccination. Apart from the modelling used, the biggest error is that the researchers have lumped together those that are unvaccinated with those who have received covid jabs, effectively eliminating any control group. It’s of no great surprise that the authors argue their conclusion justifies programmes to increase coverage of covid shots and tackle misinformation. However, there’s some unexpected news contained in the discussion. Digging into the study, the Naked Emperor finds a paragraph tucked away, that reveals that being unvaccinated (as against under-vaccinated) with covid jabs is associated with a lower risk of being hospitalised and dying from covid
  • Profs Norman Fenton and Martin Neil, reveal yet another Lancet paper that uses statistical gymnastics to claim that covid shots are effective. This time it’s an Australian paper published in November 2023. The paper, which uses government data that’s unavailable to anyone else (as per the previous paper) for analysis, uses ‘cheap’ analytical tricks to allow the authors to declare covid shots effective at reducing serious effects from covid infection and push ongoing booster injections
  • The safety of covid shots appear to have been consistently overestimated, through the use of questionable statistical practices, according to a series of four published studies in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice (here, here, here and here)
  • As reports abound that the process to agree a Pandemic Treaty and amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHRs) is foundering, the UK Government has published confirmation of its ongoing commitment to creating a Pandemic Treaty and the IHRs. Its statement comes despite hundreds of thousands of British people signing petitions against the Treaty and IHRs along with debates in Parliament
  • Vaccinologist, Dr Geert Vanden Bossche, has consistently argued that IgG4 activation by covid mRNA jabs is driving immune tolerance, putting people at higher risk of developing severe covid. His warnings are supported by a new preprint study that show that those who received the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA jabs, compared to the non-mRNA Novavax shot, developed levels of IgG4 antibodies thousands of times higher than the non-mRNA jab. Igor Chudov cautions that the study was funded by Novavax, so a certain amount of scepticism in regard to the results is warranted
  • New documents, obtained through a Freedom of Information request by U.S. Right to Know, bring further evidence to the table that the SARS-CoV-2 virus was created in a lab. The documents reveal more details about the DEFUSE proposal, including plans to create multiple viruses and showing that a very specific type of enzyme, that’s used to cut up DNA, was ordered by the Ecohealth Alliance a year before the emergence of covid, even though the project had allegedly been cancelled
  • A Canadian Federal court has ruled that measures Justin Trudeau invoked under the Emergencies Act were unreasonable and unconstitutional. The measures controversially allowed the Canadian government to freeze the bank accounts of protesters and arrest people for participating in assemblies that the government deemed "illegal". In essence, the Court ruled that the Emergencies Act should only be used as a last resort, when all other measures have failed

  • The Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) team has succeeded in obtaining more data helping to identify covid jab ‘hot lots’ (here and here). They’ve also secured the release of free text data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) V-safe system, which amounts to 7.8 million entries, over the next 12 months. The data releases will give researchers further ammunition to push back against claims from authorities that covid shots are safe
  • Japanese professors from the Vaccine Study Group have revealed concerns over unprecedented levels of adverse reactions following covid shots, in a recent press conference. Speaking during the press conference Professor Emeritus Masanori Fukushima of Kyoto University nearly broke down in tears as he described the death of a previously healthy 28-year-old man following covid 'vaccination'. Aussie17 has more
  • Chinese scientists have mutated a pangolin coronavirus that proved to be lethal in all of the humanised mice (mice that have been engrafted with something from a human) it was let loose on. News of the research has sparked further concerns about ongoing gain-of-function research and associated biosafety concerns. In an update to the original preprint, the researchers defend their research saying it provides a perfect model for developing drugs and vaccines to combat the SARS-CoV-2 virus
  • A recent paper authored by Rancourt, Baudin, Hickey & Mercier has created a stir with its claim that 17 million people have died as a result of being covid jabbed. After hearing Bret Weinstein refer to the paper in a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, Tracy Beth Høeg MD PhD decided to take a closer look at the paper’s claims in order to bring more context to its conclusions. Commenting on the critique, Denis Rancourt said the majority of her points had been addressed in the original paper. His willingness to accept an invitation to debate Tracy over her critique on Rav Arora’s podcast, shows some scientists continue to believe 'the science' is never settled
  • The European Parliament has voted to keep the Pfizer covid vaccine contracts under wraps, thus preventing allegations of shady dealings between Ursula von der Leyen, President for the European Commission, and Moderna from being properly investigated. Conversely, a redacted version of the South African Pfizer contract has already been released
  • People, without prior heart issues, who died of a heart attack following covid shots, died as a direct result of the injections. This is the conclusion of a new paper published in the European Society of Cardiology Heart Failure based on autopsy results. Dr Peter McCollough reviews the paper’s findings.


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