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  • The ANH team were deeply saddened to learn of the recent passing of Norma Erickson, founder of Sanevax, which campaigns tirelessly for safe, required vaccines. Norma was a complete warrior for health freedom, and an activist and supporter of those harmed by HPV vaccines. She relentlessly campaigned for trust, justice, medical freedom and informed consent. Her knowledge, dedication and determination to raise awareness of the harms of HPV vaccines was a huge inspiration. She will be greatly missed by all those who knew her along with the thousands of children and parents she supported over the years to speak their truth about the harms they suffered. She leaves behind a huge legacy that will live on in the continued work of the Sanevax team. Children’s Health Defence pays tribute to her life and work
  • New funding of US$600m to push out HPV vaccines globally, was announced at the first-ever Global Cervical Cancer Elimination Forum: Advancing the Call to Action, held in Columbia recently. Similar funding for HPV vaccines programmes was also announced by GAVI in 2022. The push to vaccinate girls across the world in order to 'wipe out' cervical cancer, comes despite ongoing concerns over the safety of the jab as the evidence and statistics show an altogether different story from that of the continued propaganda.

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  • Seventy percent of pregnant women tested were found to have the weedkiller, Dicamba in their system. This is a significant increase from 2010-2012 when only 28% of women tested were found to have been exposed. A new study published in Agrochemicals, also found concentration levels had significantly increased
  • Potentially harmful endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) from microplastics have been found in both breastmilk and urine samples by the LIFE MILCH project. The project, which involves paediatric and maternal health experts from Italian institutions, examined and anlysed 650 mother/baby pairs
  • In the US the Food and Drug Administration is banning the use of PFAS chemicals in food packaging such as fast-food wrappers, microwave food bags, take-out containers and pet food bags. Whilst it’s a positive step forward, there’s still much to be done to remove the use of PFAS across the board.

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  • Another recent study, published in The Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology, highlights the very real threat to human health from the continued use of highly toxic agricultural chemicals. In this study, researchers found the presence of the chemical, chlormequat, in the urine in 4 out of 5 of those tested in 2023, representing a significant increase from testing in previous years
  • The French government reportedly tried to block publication of a new report (article in French. Click here for English version) from its food safety agency, ANSES, discussing genetically edited plants, from being published after its first report on the subject found that EU deregulation proposals were not founded on any scientific basis. Following the publicity around the problems related to publication of the report, it has now been published, and it's conclusions are devastating for the pro-GM lobby. In the report, ANSES calls for new GM plants to be assessed for health and environmental risks on a case by case basis. A safety net so far thrust to one side by lobbyists and industry as it attempts to steamroller regulators into removing existing safeguards. GM Watch has the full story
  • Nano-technology pervades almost all sectors today from food to agriculture. Researchers publishing in ACS Publications, raise a red flag, warning the use of nano-scale pesticides is likely to cause more harm than good due to increased genotoxicity (damage to DNA), which is likely to impact not just the targeted insects but the entire environment in which they're used. This is because the nano size of particles can change the safety and risk profile of a given substance quite dramatically, often making the respective ingredients more toxic. Find out more in a Conversation article written by the researchers
  • The Welsh government has published a further technical consultation on its plant to introduce a mandatory licensing scheme for practitioners offering acupuncture, body piercing, electrolysis and tattooing. Full details can be found here. The consultation closes on 10th April 2024
  • Nutraceutical companies in India have expressed concerns over plans to bring regulation of food supplements and nutraceuticals under the control of the drug regulator, CDSCO instead of the food regulators, the FSSAI, as is the case currently
  • International call to highlight dangers from wireless radiation. A new coalition of international organisations scientists and individuals is calling for an end to the use of wireless communication. Called Global Radiation Emergency (GRE), their mission is to ‘Restore Life on Earth'. Find out more about the GRE’s work and how they plan to achieve their mission
  • The Cape Lighthouse Declaration was launched in January 2023 by three Australian doctors who spoke out about covid, and along with many other health professionals globally, “…were terrorised into silence”. They're calling out to all those who’ve been affected by the crackdown on dissent, or are questioning the ongoing censorship of alternative voices, to unite by signing the Declaration to protect freedom of speech and end censorship so ALL voices can be heard without fear of retribution.

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  • A new umbrella review, published in The BMJ, has found a direct association between high consumption of ultra-processed foods (UPFs) and 32 chronic disease states, such as cancer, metabolic dysfunction and heart disease. The harms of UPF’s are a hot topic in the media currently as campaigners seek to reduce their availability and thus the health issues related to high consumption of such foods. As the spotlight lands on UPFs, food manufacturers are increasingly turning their attention to more niche areas, such as foods for ‘fussy eaters’, and reformulating their products to create a less bad ‘Better for You’ (BFY) range of ‘foods’. Forbes investigates the murky world of UPFs as we move further and further away from the wholefood, minimally processed, plant-rich diet we evolved to thrive on.

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  • Regulators are sounding warnings about the potential toxicity of Ashwagandha, one of the most widely used herbal remedies worldwide, because it contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids. Reports of liver injury associated with ashwagandha aren’t new, but warnings from regulators are becoming more commmon and Denmark has gone to far as to have recently banned ashwagandha supplements. Master Medical Herbalist, Simon Mills, explores the issue, its wider implications and what prudent practitioners can do. Key to his advice is to ensure supplements only contain ashwagandha root, that it’s not used by people with liver disease and is avoided by anyone using paracetamol on a regular basis.

ANH-USA Update

  • The Fifth International Crisis Summit (ICS-5) took place recently in the US, bringing together scientists, doctors, politicians, freedom fighters and journalists from around the globe to highlight the threats to the health sovereignty of billions of people. An intoxicating array of topics were covered including harms associated with covid shots, censorship of dissenting voices and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) bid to take control of the world's health during times that it declares an emergency. The ANH-USA team tuned into proceedings to share the key points from the Summit
  • A key legal action is taking place in the US to decide whether fluoridation of water is safe. It’s a moot point given the plethora of science that points to its toxicity and lack of efficacy in reducing dental decay. It’s a sad day when an agency tasked with protecting our health from toxic chemicals has to be sued in order to force it to do the right thing. Read more

Covid News

  • UK MPs are putting pressure on the UK Office for National Statistics to re-analyse data comparing covid vaccinated and unvaccinated people. In a letter to the head of the UK Statistics Authority, seven MPs set out a range of new parameters for the new analysis, in order to provide a definitive insight into whether or not covid shots are, as is persistently claimed, both ‘safe and effective’
  • Meanwhile, UK not-for-profit, Us for Them, has shared details of a letter from another group of UK politicians expressing their concerns of the government’s continued dismissal of concerns about increased levels of excess deaths. As part of their letter they request the release of a range of data, particularly the data already shared with pharmaceutical companies, in order to allow independent assessment of whether covid shots might be a factor in the ongoing increase in excess deaths
  • Dr Sylvia Behrendt of the Global Health Responsibility Agency, has sent an Open Letter to the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) expressing the concerns of the organisation over the lack of transparency around the negotiations of the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHRs). The letter also raises serious questions about the intention of the Working Group to submit a draft package at the beginning of the 77th World Health Assembly in May, breaching Article 55 which states the draft should be submitted four months prior to the World Health Assembly
  • The EU Parliament has approved the introduction of new digital wallet, paving the way for the roll out of digital IDs across Europe
  • Ten ways to counter vaccine hesitancy. A new article in The BMJ outlines 10 ways to counter vaccine hesitancy with little care for the concerns of those who are questioning the safety and efficacy of vaccines across the board
  • Canadians are increasingly sceptical about vaccine efficacy. A new survey from The Angus Reid Institute, shows 1-in-6 parents of children under 18 say they’re “really against” vaccinating their kids, a four-fold increase since 2019. There’s also been a 15 point reduction in the proportion of Canadians supporting mandatory childhood vaccination in schools as parents say it should be their decision not the State's
  • Dedicated Vitamin D campaigner in the UK, Rufus Greenbaum, has published his submission to the UK COVID-19 Enquiry to support findings that vitamin D sufficiency is essential for robust immune health and protective against diseases such as covid. He also explains why so many dark skinned people had worse outcomes due to covid as they often have lower levels of vitamin D than light skinned people, to counter previous narratives that the poor outcomes were due to racism
  • An Australian judge presiding over a case requesting an injunction to stop mRNA covid shots being distributed in Australia because they didn’t obtain the correct licence for a product containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs), is being accused of nepotism. After Justice Rofe threw the case out of Court, it emerged she has worked with the plaintiff, Pfizer, previously but didn’t disclose the association at the start of the trial
  • A class-action has been filed against the Canadian state of Alberta on behalf of Albertans harmed by covid shots. The legal action is based around the lack of informed consent given by those who received the shots and shoddy marketing designed to obfuscate any harms associated with the covid jabs
  • Multiple covid jabs have been deemed safe because a German man who's had over 100 jabs hasn't suffered any ill-effects according to a case study published in The Lancet. This is one story the mainstream media are happy to report. Dr James Lyons-Weiler reviews the paper on his Popular Rationalism Substack questioning the applicability of the case to the general population.


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