Brain fog, brain fatigue, disordered thinking, poor short term memory, multiple 'senior moments' in a day, difficulty in decision making, confusion without a cause and persistent low mood are not normal brain states - no matter how normal they've become. What they signal is brain inflammation and a possible breach of the blood brain barrier that require attention not disregard.

Luckily, whilst there are multiple reasons why our brains may become inflamed, there are also multiple intervention strategies - many that are simple and practical - that can be employed before you may need medical attention down the road when the damage is more entrenched.

If you missed our executive coordinator, Meleni Aldridge's, most recent 17-min presentation on the subject, you can watch it here. She presented on Saturday 2nd July 2022 at the 2nd World Congress of the World Council for Health and Médicos Pela Vida in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil.

The list below is our most recent back catalogue of articles, videos and podcasts on this important topic for your further reading.

ANH's brain health back catalogue

Article Article/podcast Details

Podcast: Brain inflammation & inflammaging

Pandemic stress - why it will affect us for decades to come

Protecting our brains - because we only have one!

Herbs v brain inflammation - how can you help yourself?

Pandemic-induced emotional trauma — a lasting legacy for ourselves and our children?

Sleep your way to a revitalised brain!

How childhood trauma can lead to chronically sick adults

Emotional imbalance: the unspoken ticking time-bomb

Is depression a mental or physical condition?

The gut brain connection – a Down Under perspective!

The dynamic brain – and how to get one!

Brain disorders – now the biggest burden on healthcare


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