Welcome to the first of our global covid news round ups of 2022. The past few days has seen a marked change in the tone of reporting in mainstream media in the UK at least. Although we're clearly not out of the woods yet given the often brutal restrictions and attacks on citizens in some countries, there are signifcantly more chinks of light and an increased air of desperation as the 'narrative' becomes ever more flimsy. Citizens are continuing to stand strong in sovereignty, determined to have their voices heard undeterred by police brutality or coercive regimes. The importance of holding the line and standing for freedom is beautifully expressed in this clip from Jim Caviezel who reminds us that, "Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid" and that we, "... weren't born to fit in, you were born to stand out". Let's stand out in all our sovereign glory in 2022!


  • Protestors in The Netherlands broke lockdown rules and faced increasing police violence to protest against the continued imposition of swinging covid restrictions supposedly designed to fight the spread of omicron
  • By standing strong and refusing to give in to the bullying levelled at him over his jab status, top tennis star Novak Djokovic was granted an exemption from being jabbed to allow him to attend the upcoming Australian Open without compromising his sovereignty. Despite clearly having been given a visa for entry, the Australian government has done a U turn and appears to be using the situation to make an example of him. Once he reached Australia he was detained when his visa was refused and threatened with deportation. Djokovic is now reported to be being held in a refugee detention centre until his appeal is heard on Monday. The statement released earlier today by the World Council for Health expresses the sentiments of many around the world watching this situation unfold
  • Canadian celebrity psychologist, Jordan Peterson, has taken a huge risk by speaking out against comments made by Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau promoting covid booster shots as Christmas presents. Although jabbed himself, he has since said he regrets the decision as it’s clear that going down that path did not make his life any easier as was promised. He was very clear he would not be taking up the offer of a booster jab any time soon though
  • Doctors in Austria have banded together to send an open letter to the President of the Austrian Medical Association (AMA) following the announcement of the criminalisation of anyone refusing to be jabbed from next month. The letter, which has been signed by 199 doctors, accuses the President of the AMA of violating basic medical ethics by threatening doctors who don’t comply with dictats to endorse covid jabs with disciplinary action and calls on him to resign
  • A petition calling on French authorities to remove the Health Pass has received over 1 million signatures as people do their best to prevent upcoming legislation from being enacted by the French Parliament and enshrining medical discrimination according to injection status in law
  • Multi-disciplinary scientist, Dr James Lyon-Weiler, of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge is asking physicians and members of the public to sign an open letter challenging The Federation of State Medical Boards' (FSMB) position on the use of ivermectin as part of early treatment protocols for covid. In the letter he calls on the FSMB to reverse its position and allow physicians to administer ivermectin to covid patients rather than continuing with advice to do nothing until someone is sick enough to require hospitalisation
  • US National Football League (NFL) teams have reportedly been using treatments such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to deal with covid infections in players according to Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has used the same treatments as Joe Rogan recently when he became ill. The NFL has also changed its testing requirements saying asymptomatic infections are not driving the spread of covid within teams
  • The Together Declaration is collaborating with organisations, lawyers and unions to help employees in the UK working in Care Quality Commission (CQC) affiliated businesses to resist proposed covid jab mandates and keep their jobs. The aim of the campaign is to provide employees with the tools required to communicate with their employers and to raise awareness of the issue with the public, media and MPs
  • A cabinet minister in Manitoba, Canada has lost his position because he refuses to disclose his jab status. He remains a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), but will no longer be a member of the cabinet. However, he remains unbowed saying in a tweet "Liberty has its price, today I paid for mine."
  • The use of vaccine passports in Bosnia and Herzegovinia has been suspended following a challenge to their validity  by lawyer Mirnes Ajanović. Mr Ajanović has also threatened Dr Ednana Dljevića with legal action for telling people they should not accept jab-free individuals into their communities
  • Rallies have taken place in South Korea to call attention to the deaths of people following covid jabs. Protestors holding pictures of loved one who have died called on the government to take their experience seriously, investigate the issues urgently and identify the true cause of the adverse reactions
  • The highest court in Belgium has overturned a government decision to close all theatres as part of attempts to stop the spread of the omicron variant of covid
  • An outdoor market in New Zealand got more than it bargained for after it requested all stallholders to get covid jabbed and wear masks. The directive ended up with the market losing 60% of its stallholders who promptly set up their own, highly successful market, next to it
  • A new school is opening in Ontario, Canada that will respect children’s medical rights. The school is being brought back into use by Sault Ste. Marie Freedom Alliance and aims to become not only a place where children can learn in a respectful, mandate-free environment but a community hub as well
  • Five state governors in the US have written to the Secretary for Defense to request he withdraws the requirement for National Guard members to be covid jabbed. Nearly 50,000 military members across all branches are reportedly refusing to be jabbed currently.


  • Ontarians have done all that’s been asked of them in an effort to combat covid, yet once again they find themselves being locked down to control a much milder form of covid. In a stirring article, the Toronto Sun calls on Ontarians to rise up against the totalitarianism, say enough is enough and take back their lives
  • Officials in France have forced mask wearing on children aged 6 and over in indoor places supposedly to keep schools open as omicron does the rounds
  • French President, Emmanuel Macron, has vowed to continue his campaign to force those who remain jab-free France to submit to the covid jabs by making their lives as unpleasant as he possibly can. In a newspaper interview he called them "non-citizens" and vowed to really "piss off" those who are jab-free by limiting their freedoms. Tensions in the French Parliament have been high this week as the government attempts to force through changes to the health pass to make it a stricter vaccine pass, which will remove the option of a negative test. The bill still has to be passed by the Senate
  • The German Health Minister is calling for an immediate introduction of mandatory covid jabs before they become "obsolete" due to natural infections such as omicron
  • Authorities in the German city of Hamburg have declared that anyone who is covid recovered or had two jabs will no longer be able to access a range of venues without providing a negative test. Only those who've had 3 jabs will be allowed acces without a test
  • Philippines president, Rodrigo Duterte, has instigated a lockdown for jab-free people. He has also said that should a jab-free person be caught out they can be restrained and arrested by police officers as omicron marches through the region
  • An overnight curfew has been reintroduced in Quebec in an attempt to prevent the omicron variant from spreading further. Residents will not be allowed to leave their properties between the hours of 10pm and 5am otherwise they may find themselves subject to punitive fines
  • The Ecuadorian government has announced covid jabs will become mandatory for all citizens aged 5 and over unless they have a medical exemption. The country has already instigated vaccine passports and put measures in place to reduce travel


  • Dr Sam White, who was suspended from his job in the UK's NHS and overturned his gagging order on appeal, in collaboration with Solicitor Lois Bayliss, retired police constable Mark Sexton and solicitor Philip Hyland of PJH Law, filed a criminal complaint with the Metropolitan Police in London. The complaint cites serious concerns over the safety of covid injections amongst a list of over 20 crimes, to which treason will be added, committed by a number of named government ministers, civil servants and heads of UK news networks. The team have accused the UK government of withholding information from the British public and demanded an immediate stop to the vaccine rollout in the UK. Dr Sam White explains more in a recent interview with Reiner Fuellmich
  • A US judge has ruled the US Navy can’t discipline Navy SEALs who have refused to be covid jabbed and requested religious exemptions. The Navy has yet to comment on the ruling
  • Yet another attempt by the Biden Administration in the US to mandate vaccines has been blocked in Court. This time the court has ruled that there should be no requirement for children to have to wear masks in order to access Head Start programs (for children from low income families) nor for teachers and other staff and volunteers to be covid jabbed


  • Legislation to give the Israeli government powers to censor content on social media has passed its first reading in the Israeli parliament
  • The Taiwanese government has also announced its intention to introduce similar legislation to allow it to censor free speech on social media
  • Meanwhile, Twitter has continued to censor those who speak out against covid restrictions and the dangers of covid jabs including US Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene and mRNA developer, Dr Robert Malone. Even though he has been censored by major platforms, Dr Malone's message continues to resonate and be heard worldwide. Following his recent deplatforming by Twitter, he sat down with Joe Rogan to discuss the current situation. We highly recommend taking a listen (all 3 hours of it!) to an in depth, fascinating and wide ranging discussion of our times.

Child health

The number of children in the UK requiring hospital treatment for eating disorders has surged by 70% during the coronavirus crisis according to figures for April – October 2021. This is a 20% increase on figures previously reported by a BBC investigation in July 2021

Covid injections

  • The UK Medical Freedom Alliance has sent an open letter to Baroness Noakes, members of the House of Lords' Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee, and other members of the House of Lords, detailing serious safety, ethical and workforce concerns about the proposed Government covid jab mandate of all NHS and Care Quality Commission-regulated healthcare workers. The letter calls on them to vote against the implementation of the mandates, particularly given the jabs are known to neither prevent infection or transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus
  • Children who get covid develop powerful and long lasting immunity after being infected according to a new study published in Nature Immunology once again calling the need to covid jab children into question
  • The Chairman of the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and immunisation (JCVI) has said boosters should not be offered to the general population until more evidence is available on their safety and efficacy. He has also said that injecting people every six months is not sustainable, there’s no point trying to stop further covid infections and that society has to reopen at some point
  • A significantly higher risk of developing myocarditis following covid jabs has been found as part of a new preprint study, which looked at data from 42,200,614 people aged over 13 years. Men were found to be at highest risk across the board regardless of the jab used. A second preprint from insurer Kaiser Permanente concludes the "true incidence of myopericarditis is markedly higher than the incidence reported to US advisory committees."
  • The Ministry of Health, for Manatü Hauora in New Zealand, has issued a warning about the risk of developing peri- and myocarditis following covid vaccines. The update admits the true scale of the issue is unknown and that figures are not yet available in relation to issues following covid booster jabs
  • A list of sportspeople from around the globe that have collapsed and/or died due to heart issues during 2021 has been published to highlight the scale of the problem, which continues to be brushed under the carpet by mainstream media
  • During an online press conference the CEO of American medical insurance company OneAmerica said they’ve seen a 40% increase in deaths over the third and fourth quarter of 2021 compared to pre-pandemic levels. This is the highest levels of deaths experienced in the history of the business. Those of working age have been particularly badly hit
  • A new preprint study using data from Denmark shows jabbed, boosted and jab-free individuals are all able to transmit and become infected by the omicron variant of covid. The researchers also found the omicron variant is evading jab induced immunity
  • A second preprint from Danish researchers highlights the problems of immune escape of omicron following covid jabs. Vaccine effectiveness of the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA jabs was found to only be 55.2% immediately after receipt of two doses dropping to 36.7% after the first month
  • The omicron variant is posing a threat to those who have been jabbed. Three new publications (here, here and here) have found negative efficacy of covid vaccines against omicron after two doses, meaning those who have been jabbed have a higher likelihood of being infected than someone who is jab-free. A fourth study published in Nature confirms omicron is evading jab induced immunity
  • Whistleblower nurses in South California are speaking out, as the number of patients being admitted to hospital with serious problems following covid injections continues to rise and be dismissed as being unrelated


  • A massive study from Brazil, published as a preprint on Researchgate, shows that using ivermectin preventatively reduces mortality due to covid infection by 68%. The study, involving 220,517 subjects (the entire population of Itatjaí), sought to measure the impact of using ivermecting prophylactically against covid infection, severity of disease and protection against death over a 4 month period. As well as the huge drop in mortality, hospitalisation was reduced by 56%
  • Writing in The Telegragh, James Le Fanu explores the rise of extortionately priced new anti-virals touted as covid ‘cures’ (now they have to admit the jabs don’t work as previously advertised) and asks why the government has failed to give advice on the use of a very cheap, but effective treatment. That of vitamin D
  • The use of quercetin as part of treatment regimes for covid has been shown to have therapeutic benefits according to a new study published in the European Journal of Pharmacology. The study was limited in that it investigated the use of quercetin alongside anti-viral drugs, remdesivir and favipiravir, but the use of quercetin was found to improve recovery rates of severely ill covid patients
  • The classic cold treatment Echinacea purpurea has been found to reduce viral load and inhibit the SARS-CoV-2 virus in vitro in a new preprint study
  • Chemists in India have been instructed to keep adequate stocks of vitamins, minerals and drugs such as ivermectin and azithromycin for the management of covid by the All India Organisation of Chemists and Druggists (AIOCD) as covid infections increase
  • The New York Attorney General, Letitia James, made the mistake of sending 'cease and desist' letters to doctors listed on the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance's (FLCCC) website as physicians who prescribe ivermectin for covid patients. The FLCCC has characteristically fired back pointing out the significant shortcomings of Ms James's letter and requesting she rescind her cease and desist letter.

Statistical gymnastics

Media reports and government statistics purport to show huge increases in hospitalisations from omicron in the UK. However, the UK government and health authorities have been caught using some nifty statistical footwork to significantly over egg hospitalisation numbers as they include patients who are already in hospital for something totally unrelated that later test positive. As it happens, this is not isolated to the UK. Turns out officials in Ontario have been doing the same thing for a fair while as well to try and justify the ongoing restrictions on their citizens.

Other News

  • The combination of concurrent flu and covid infections in a single patient in Israel has been dubbed ‘flurona’. The young woman who is alleged to have the dual infection was suffering only mild symptoms. The ‘discovery’ comes following recent announcements from Moderna that it’s developing a dual jab for the flu and covid
  • Children with learning disabilities in the UK were offered “do not resuscitate” orders during the coronavirus crisis following revelations that patients with mental illness and learning disabilities had DNR’s applied to them without prior consent.


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