From Digital IDs to the normalisation of transhumanism, the 'Great Reset' juggernaut keeps chugging on, but the appetite for swallowing the narrative appears to be rapidly dwindling. In Pakistan, the government's threat to block the biometric ID apps of ousted prime minster, Imran Khan’s, supporters demonstrates a clear warning as to how easy it is for authorities to misuse digital IDs at a whim.

There's good news a plenty. Standing in stark contrast, positive news abounds as the truth of what has been done to us over the past couple of years and the damage that's been wrought is exposed. Such news serves to swell the ranks of those standing against the covid narrative and strengthen resolve to carve out new systems that allow us to live freely and in harmony with the planet and all those that occupy it.

Pushbacks & positives!

  • US marines will no longer be required to take covid shots and be protected from retaliation if they request a religious exemption after a court granted a preliminary nationwide injunction for serving and reserve members after Liberty Counsel sued the Department of Defence. Despite the order, some Marines are still facing punishment and dismissal, in direct contravention of the injunction, for exercising their right to bodily autonomy and making an informed decision in regard to their health and well being
  • The Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA) has published an open letter calling on the President of the University of Toronto to remove the imposition of mandatory covid jabs for all students and employees living in university residences this autumn. In its letter, the CCCA points out the failure of the jabs to be able to protect against transmission or infection and that it’s not within the university’s remit to demand which investigational drugs students and faculty should use to mitigate the risk of serious illness from covid. The authors of the letter request that the university provide an evidence-based response to justify the mandates, ending by asking the President to reconsider his decision in regard to the potential human rights and health harms being inflicted as a result of the mandate
  • Rebel News is calling on those opposed to the University of Toronto’s jab mandate to sign a petition calling for an end to its policy
  • TCW shares an Open Letter to New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, from Guy Hatchard PhD calling for covid jab policies to be changed in the light of new science showing the risks posed to people's health by the injections
  • Find out why Doctors Against Mandates are fighting covid mandates put in place by the Queensland government and requesting the Supreme Court reverse the requirement for them to be covid jabbed in order to continue their work to help and support their patients
  • Masks in Singapore will soon become optional in many settings after the government announced a further relaxation of the rules. However, masking will still be required on public transport and in healthcare settings
  • Dr Marty Makary reflects on legacy of Dr Anthony Fauci following his announcement that he will leave his current role at the end of the year. Highlighting the risks associated with so much power in one man's hand and listing all that's been done wrong during the past couple of years in the name of 'science'.

Restrictions and censorship

  • Police were called to a school in Mountain View, California because a four-year-old child refused to wear a mask. After speaking to the child’s father, he was taken home. The school is now reported to have lifted the mandate because of the footage recorded by the child’s father and subsequently released online
  • Another member of the so called 'Disinformation Dozen' has been removed from Facebook. Chantelle Baker, one of New Zealand’s most vocal opponents of jab mandates, said she lost her account due to pressure put on Facebook by media company Stuff
  • 900 school staff in Queensland, Australia will effectively be fined for refusing to be covid jabbed. Their pay will be docked over a period of 18 weeks as a punishment for making an informed decision that is deemed to have put others at risk
  • The purge of the Twitter accounts of those who challenge the covid narrative, such as Dr Clare Craig who had her Twitter account suspended earlier this week, continues. She has since been reinstated with the suspension being blamed on AI systems
  • It’s been revealed that the United Nations (UN) recruited over 100,000 ‘digital first-respondersto fight what it deemed to be ‘misinformation’. The news was first shared in a 2020 World Economic Forum podcast but it has only recently been picked up. It’s not known how many more first-responders have since been recruited.

Covid injections

  • Senator Ron Johnson has issued a video plea begging doctors and nurses who recognise the harm being done by covid shots to come forward and speak out to ”put an end to this insanity”
  • Pfizer has announced it has requested authorisation for its updated covid jab. A decision to approve the jab will be made without clinical trial data, as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) believes the jabs to be safe based on existing trial data for the current batch of jabs
  • TV and Radio host, Wayne Allyn Root shares the experiences of a doctor who has spoken out anonymously about the health of his patients post jab. High numbers of people are experiencing heart attacks, strokes and blood clots along with rare and advanced cancer cases, always after booster jabs along with many other strange health issues and dreadful post-operative complications. He also shares how an elderly patient told him his 4-year-old granddaughter has developed cancer. Coincidentally, she has also been jabbed
  • A new preprint paper questions the rise in excess deaths and stillbirths recorded in Germany from April 2021 asking what might happened to cause a "...sudden and sustained increase in mortality in the age groups below 80 years..."
  • Dr Pierre Kory comments on what appear to be horrifying rates of miscarriages and neonatal deaths following Pfizer jabs found in the first dump of data that Pfizer that tried to bury for 75 years. He also discusses the drop in births in several countries, where data is available, questioning the impact of covid jabs on the fertility of those who’ve been jabbed
  • Doctors4CovidEthics has published a summary of evidence from autopsies and experimental studies showing the damage that can be caused by the mRNA from covid jabs and the associated production of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein
  • A twelve-year-old girl in Canada has told a court she doesn’t want to be covid jabbed after her father applied to the court to force his ex-wife to have the child jabbed. The judge supported the girl’s wishes saying she was able to form her own opinions and that he would not mandate the injection due to the lack of information on a range of questions related to the jabs and their safety
  • A group of scientists is complaining after their attempt to get a paper from Stephanie Seneff, Peter McCullough and others, retracted. The paper warns of the risks posed by covid jabs, but their attempt to have it retracted and effectively silence, failed spectacularly
  • mRNA covid jabs reduce an individual’s adaptive immune response. In mice, covid mRNA jabs led to an increased risk of candida overgrowth due to the damage caused to their immune system. The changes to their immune systems was also found to have been passed onto their offspring
  • A recent presentation at the American Heart Association’s Basic Cardiovascular Sciences Meeting demonstrated how the spike protein of the SARS-CoC-2 virus damages heart tissues. The researchers focused on covid infection ignoring the increasing reports of heart related issues in those injected with spike protein producing jabs.

Other News

  • Scientists are puzzled over the cause of Long Covid. One theory that's now gaining traction is that micro-clots in the blood may be part of the problem. One telling sentence in the Nature article pinpoints the problem, "When they added the spike protein to plasma from healthy volunteers in the laboratory, that alone was enough to prompt formation of these abnormal clots." What's not discussed is whether the spike protein comes from natural infection or injection
  • Jab-free covid patients with low levels of vitamin D are at higher risk of developing severe covid illness and dying according to a new study published in Nutrients. The study does not consider the vitamin D status of those who have been injected although previous research shows those with low levels of vitamin D are at higher risk of becoming severely ill and dying due to covid regardless of jab status
  • Who is Resilience? Unlimited Hangout investigates the emergence of a company that’s making the mRNA used by Moderna for its covid jabs and its close associations with US intelligence agencies. Both Moderna and Resilience have been very quiet about their partnership considering the use of press releases to trumpet the so called efficacy and safety of covid jabs
  • Last year, 2021, saw a dramatic rise in attempted suicides by children aged 12-17 years old in the US. When compared to the same period in 2019 there was a 51% increase in young women and 4% rise in young men
  • Canada is launching a consultation on the implementation of digital IDs to further control Canadian citizens. Canada is one of eight countries (Australia, Canada, Finland, Israel, New Zealand, Singapore, The Netherlands, UK along with the World Bank) that formed an alliance, known as the Digital Identity Working Group, in 2020 to push digital ID systems forwards as part of the World Economic Forum’s plans for a Great Reset
  • Analyst, the Ethical Skeptic has been monitoring US mortality date throughout the past couple of years. A new article (the first of three) sounds the alarm over a large rise in excess non-covid mortality. Of particular concern is a huge rise in cancer and heart-related issues
  • Would you agree to your child being microchipped? A new blog from the WEF seeks to take ‘human augmentation’ from the realms of conspiracy theory into a normal, everyday occurrence. The authors describe how it will counter a range of issues that are currently tackled through the use of wearables moving us from “…health care to wellcare.


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