This piece summarises and gives you quick links to some important information that is of the moment, relating both to censorship and cronyism. These are two elements of the corporatocracy that have gone into overdrive since the WHO’s declaration of a pandemic in March this year.

YouTube censorship

With normal social interaction greatly curtailed by government responses to covid-19, video has become one of the most important media for communication. While the mainstream media have been doing their best to follow an agreed narrative created by the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum and other inter-governmental organisations, as well as YouTube (a division of Google) has hosted a wide range of content that has contradicted this narrative.  

A recent change in YouTube policy that proposes a censorship of information concerning covid is set to change this.

>>> YouTube ‘COVID-19 Medical Misinformation Policy’

The new policy states that any information that “spreads medical misinformation that contradicts local health authorities’ or the World Health Organization’s (WHO) medical information about COVID-19” will be removed when it relates to treatment, prevention, diagnostics or transmission. Perhaps they think we’ll be relieved that cronyism and corruption (see below) are still fair game.

Top of the list of definite ‘no no’s’ is one area that affects many of us, namely the use of natural therapies, including well evidenced vitamin D and vitamin C. The policy reads: “Content that encourages the use of home remedies in place of medical treatment such as consulting a doctor or going to the hospital.”

This new policy represents a brazen attempt to shut down scientific discourse which has been at the heart of scientific progress given much of this discourse by dissenting scientists has been shared on YouTube. At a time when governments have been trying to prevent hospitals from being overrun, it is also absurd to see an attempt to reduce citizen self-care. 

It is ironic, that our YouTube video about the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset was our first video to be censored (see below). Two more strikes, and we will be deplatformed.

Screengrab of YouTube ‘strikes’ against ANH-Intl.

We are presently using a range of other platforms for our video content. The full content is accessible via our website at:

Cronyism in the UK

  • Sophie Hill is currently a PhD candidate researching the economics and politics of government at Harvard. She has created an interactive map called ‘My Little Crony’ that depicts cronyism in the UK government, showing up the personal relationships involved in political donations and the issue of government contracts. In the spotlight are contracts that have been awarded as a result of frenzied public procurement during the covid pandemic.

>>> Link to ‘My Little Crony’ interactive map

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