On 7th December 2020, a landmark paper on the importance of vitamin C was published. Lead author and instigator of the international campaign is none other than nutritionist and best-selling author Patrick Holford. Patrick has pulled together many of the leading scientists and clinicians working with vitamin C and other vitamins, including Dr Paul Marik, leading the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance in the US, and Ass Prof Anitra Carr from the University of Otago in New Zealand, both of whom have been working with vitamin C in both sepsis and covid-19 patients.

The Launch

Timed to coincide with the publication of the Nutrients paper, a new international collaboration came together to launch a new campaign 'Vitamin C for Covid'.

The Paper

The review article pulls together over 100 key scientific articles in relation to vitamin C and its use for the treatment of respiratory disease, sepsis and covid-19. Click on the image to view and download the paper.

ANH founder, executive and scientific director, Rob Verkerk PhD, was honoured to be asked to be the campaign director as well as becoming a part of the scientific advisory board.

To mark the launch of the campaign Rob has authored a new article, which includes a video to help you learn more about this amazing and essential, but often overlooked, vitamin.


You can also watch the above video with Japanese subtitles on our Brighteon channel. Thanks go to the team at Orthomolecular Nutrition Laboratory, Inc for subtitling the video.

Vitamin C

In June 1949, polio was ravaging children in the USA. Dr Frederick Klenner, a clinical researcher reported doses of up to 20,000 mg daily for three days had cured 60 of his patients who had contracted polio. His findings were published in a medical journal but were roundly ignored by the medical profession.

>>> Vitamin C Treatment of COVID-19: Case Reports - by Andrew Saul and Doctor X

>>> Vitamin C cuts covid deaths by two-thirds - by Patrick Holford 

In his book, Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases & Toxins: Curing the Incurable, Dr Thomas Levy argues the medical profession has routinely ignored research showing high dose vitamin C can combat bacterial and viral infections. A huge repository of evidence for the use of vitamin C to support human health now exists, but it is still dismissed by those in authority who prioritise and favour new to market, hugely expensive drugs.

In the face of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic medical professionals seeking treatments to help those patients afflicted by the virus have once again turned to a tried and tested, low-cost treatment that quickly improves their health status and outcomes with no side-effects. Their success rate when including vitamin C in treatment protocols is unparalleled, but still their evidence is ignored.


Patrick Holford talks to Dr Paul Marik, Dr Anton Rensburg and Dr Shirley McIlvenny in 'The Sharp End of Treatment - How Intravenous Vitamin C is Saving Lives'.

More podcasts on Vitamin C with leading researchers and doctors.

What can you do?

  • Sign the petition to join our calls for governments and health authorities globally to assess the evidence and endorse the use of vitamin C during this epidemic. We're particularly keen to hear from you if you're a health professional or sicentist.
  • Share the petition widely so we have enough support from the petition to put pressure on health authorities to include vitamin C in public health messaging, as well as increasing awareness of the benefit and almost zero risk of vitamin C among critical care doctors as an adjunct therapy
  • Ensure you, your family and friends are taking optimum amounts and forms of vitamin C for prevention. Check out the website and our video above for more information.

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