We passed our 17-year milestone in February, meaning ANH is now in its 18th year and getting scarily close to being 20! Where has the time gone?

We’ve not been sitting on our hands, that’s for sure. We’ve spent the last 17+ years in dedicated service to you and the planet following a vision of ‘working with nature, not against it’ that’s been our guiding light since day one. As a result, we’ve done 17+ years of hard graft bringing you health information that’s aligned with our mission, that’s grounded in serious science, based on a balance of evidence and aligned with evolutionary biology so that it’s in harmony with our genes. What’s more, we also do our best to walk the talk!

Over the course of our 17+ years, we’ve become a trusted source of health information for many. It’s pretty much the Wild West out there when it comes to health and what you are told is good and bad for you seems to change on a daily basis. Whether you’re reading online or in-print, there are so many conflicting angles to the health and wellness equation, where do you start - especially if you’re newly inspired?

With that in mind, and with 17+ years of expertise in the health field, we’re launching our newest YouTube playlist with our first two videos below. From now on you’ll be able to subscribe to our channel and explore a regular supply of inspiring, science-based, tried-and-tested, health and wellbeing information that forms the foundation of our own health journeys too.

Please share your thoughts and let us know what you’d like to hear more about. Whether you’re newly inspired, long-term informed or an expert, we hope this playlist becomes a useful repository to dip in and out of, and of course, to share.


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