Rob Verkerk PhD recently spoke to WIll Strong for the Iron Will Report about SARS-CoV-2, what it's the cover for and what else may be a part of the overall agenda.

Dr Robert Verkerk, ANH's founder and executive director, is the author of numerous papers and an accomplished speaker involved in many initiatives the world over. As a scientist he has long been at the forefront in opposition to Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). Here in this video, Rob shares his evidence-based research of GMOs and the mRNA technology being promoted under the guise of ‘safe & effective’ vaccines. Rob explains the potential for transhumanism and the long-term effects of this technology on the evolution of humanity.

Rob encourages people to look at the data on regular basis and map it against what's happening in relation to the jabs using Our World in Data.


"It's time to stand up for our rights" - Rob Verkerk PhD




"Our governments have no power but what we give them but we don't give them power when we elect them - we give them power when we obey them"- Will Dove, Strong and Free Canada

On the lens of South Africa…

You will have seen, South Africa, the most developed nation in Sub-Saharan Africa, is now becoming a springboard for mRNA technology. What we need to do to look after our health is pretty much down to what we choose to do in each 24-hour cycle and over weeks and months and years if we get that right we often have good health outcomes. What’s been happening is we essentially relinquish this sovereignty and hand it over to the medical establishment. We used to hand it over to our primary physician. Now we hand it over to institutions and increasingly these institutions hand it to a panel of essentially inter governmental organizations that have got a plan for us. They tell us it’s all for our good. What’s been happening in South Africa is a lens of what’s happening everywhere else. It is about buying into the plan because if they don’t buy into the plan….

On the Hypothesis of the Globalists’ Plan…

I think there are many reasons why vaccines are a useful delivery system. People will become very fearful over an existential threat that can impact their health. So, if you manufacture through behavioural control systems, a sense of fear of death, which was done very well in the industrialised world, particularly where people are not very resilient. They become very susceptible to that as a way of protecting themselves. We’ve got to remember with any control system, you’ve got to have an incentive. It’s like a carrot or a stick that gets people engaged with it so they had both. The stick was you’re gonna get really sick or you’re going to die. The carrot is you’ll be able to play in society in a more normal way. The problem is that the carrot didn’t work so well, people became disillusioned.

On Theory Versus Real World…

The rate of incidents based on the testing that’s being done you’ll see that right now the level of cases that much of the world is exposed to is far higher than it’s ever been and yet we don’t have much of a covid problem. When you look at hospitalizations, a lot of the deaths we see are just deaths that are associated with covid. From all the evidence we can see from clinicians on the ground, we would suggest a far bigger problem right now in relation to illness is related to jab related harms. Because there’s a relatively small group of clinicians around the world who are prepared to get their heads around the fact this thing is real, they have a disproportionate workload. They are having to deal with all the people who can’t see their regular physician, their regular physician has put their head under the carpet.

>>> Reproduced from Strong and Free Canada

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