US whistleblower exposes true extent of covid vax deaths

A whistleblower with access to government websites and data related to injuries and deaths following covid vaccination in the US has given sworn testimony that the number of deaths following covid vaccination is in the order of 45,000 and not the circa 12,000 currently being reported by the VAERs database. US attorney, Thomas Renz, has filed an urgent lawsuit in conjunction with America’s Frontline Doctors calling for an immediate halt to the covid vaccination programme in the US. In an impassioned speech at an event organised by Time to Free America, he sent a pointed message to Big Tech companies saying they are “complicit in death”. The number of deaths has been estimated based on the number of deaths within 3 days of vaccination from one reporting system. He told a packed audience “…they know and they’re covering it up and I want investigations immediately”. He assured his audience that he would not back down and would continue until justice has been executed.

Prof Chris Exley ‘cancelled’

In a sad reflection of the times and ongoing vilification of scientists who question mainstream science, expert aluminium researcher Prof Chris Exley, has been ‘cancelled’ by Keele University. The move comes following the removal of his research funding earlier this year. In an email to his supporters, Prof Exley said the university announced his departure (at the end of August 2021), along with his team, in an internal communication and that, “The reason why I had no choice but to leave Keele will be made clearer at a later date…”. Prof Exley has long been a thorn in the side of both the aluminium and vaccine industry, both of whom will no doubt be celebrating his departure. Due to the corruption of scientific research and academia he has not been able to find a way to find a new home for his lab as yet. For those who wish to stay in contact with his work you can visit the Aluminium Research website and contact Prof Exley on [email protected].

Corruption of UK health politics

A new analysis from the University of Bath’s Centre for Analysis of Social Policy has found a worrying lack of transparency over funding of All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) in the UK Parliament. The report also reveals the extent to which Big Pharma is influencing health policy in the UK. Of the 146 health-related APPGs, sixteen received over £1 million in payments from Big Pharma between 2012-2018. Of those sixteen, two (the APPG for Cancer and APPG for Health) received over half the total funding. The authors also found that patient organisations, which are funded by Big Pharma, were frequently giving support to the APPG's secretariat function. The report lays bare the very real revolving doors between Big Pharma and political systems, which give it undue influence in the development of health policies and decision-making. The majority of which are rarely in the interest of the citizens who elect government.

Covid censorship

  • A recently published study warning of the harms to children from wearing masks has become the latest casualty of the science censors. This is the second covid related paper that Dr Harald Walach and his team have had retracted in recent weeks. The paper highlighted the dangers of mask wearing by children due to increased carbon dioxide inhalation. The authors once again mounted a robust defence of the paper, but it didn’t stop the censors axe from falling
  • A key preprint review of ivermectin for the treatment of covid-19 has been withdrawn due to an expression of concern from a medical student who claims parts of the paper have been plagiarised. The retraction of the paper is being used to throw doubt on a recently published meta-analysis from Dr Tess Lawrie. The Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) and British Ivermectin Recommendation Development Group (BIRD) have published a strongly worded statement refuting claims the removal of the withdrawn paper would negate the findings of the meta-analysis.

Ultra-processed foods increase risk of IBD

Eating high levels of ultra-processed foods (UPFs) increases the risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). A new prospective cohort study published in The BMJ analysed data from the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) cohort encompassing 21 low, middle and high income countries across seven geographical regions covering 116,087 adults aged 35-70 between 2003-2016. In total, 467 participants developed IBD (Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis), which was found to be associated with a high intake of UPFs. Unusually for such studies, the authors found that the consumption of unprocessed whole foods including white meat, unprocessed red meat, fruit, vegetables and legumes were not associated with a risk of IBD. Find out more about the benefits of a whole foods diet by checking out the ANH-Intl Food4Health campaign.

Covid vaccine news

  • A letter sent to doctors across Europe warns of the dangers of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) following vaccination against covid-19. The authors present four new pieces of evidence in regard to the risks associated with covid vaccination and call on all physicians to re-evaluate the supposed benefits of covid-19 vaccination
  • Having made a big deal of only allowing fully vaccinated fans to attend their concerts, the Foo Fighters have been forced to cancel a gig after a vaccinated band member was found to have covid-19. Some may say its karma...
  • Antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus last for at least nine months following infection according to a new study published in Nature Communications. All the inhabitants of Vo, a town in Northern Italy, were tested by researchers who found that 98.8% of people infected in February/March 2020 still had detectable levels of antibodies in November 2020
  • Vaccine Choice Canada has published a position paper condemning the rise of medical apartheid in Canada as people are forced to choose between their health and livelihoods, students between education or no education and friends and family are pitted against each other based on vaccination status. It ends by stating, “There is absolutely no justification that could possibly legitimize this violation of our inherent rights and freedoms. Discrimination and segregation are unacceptable, no matter how they are marketed.”

Vaccine passports

  • Following his pronouncement on the introduction of a ‘sanitary pass’ to prove vaccination status in France, President Macron has been forced into an embarrassing u-turn following mass protests across the country. French citizens will now not be required to show a pass for smaller shopping centres, although the requirements for other venues still remain. The change still doesn’t go far enough and is unlikely to appease those who object to the measures
  • In the complete opposite to Macron, Ontario Premier, Doug Ford, has told reportors his government will not make covid vaccines mandatory or create a split society by bringing in vaccine passports. It’s a familiar story where governments make promises not to do something, only to do the thing they've promised not to. Ontario citizens can only hope Ford stays true to his word
  • In the UK, Boris Johnson has gone back on government promises that covid certification would not be introduced after he announced that vaccine passports will be required to enter nightclubs from the end of September following pushback from nightclub owners on their voluntary use. The announcement of imposed vaccine passports is facing a huge backlash from MPs, nightclubs and the press that has, to date, largely supported the government's increasingly discriminatory and draconian restrictions on people's freedoms and basic rights.

Do drug trials report serious adverse events correctly?

A recent article published in The Lancet Healthy Longevity directly exposes the inaccuracy of adverse side effect reporting as part of drug trials. Its conclusion was that trials report substantially fewer serious adverse events than are seen in those who ultimately use the treatments under real world conditions. Commenting on the article, Sebastian Rushworth MD, offers three conclusions, two of which he dismisses and the third, as he deems it, more sinister explanation, and most likely in our opinion, is that trials are not reporting serious adverse events accurately. This is particularly pertinent in relation to covid vaccines where trials have been conducted in extremely short time periods and excluded sick people. Yet very large numbers of serious adverse events are now being reported as evidenced by Thomas Renz's whistleblower testimony.

Kids & covid vaccines

  • A new preprint study has found that children and young people in England are five times more likely to die as a result of suicide or trauma than covid-19 death. The researchers emphasised that covid-19 is “rarely fatal” for children calling into question the need for any children to be given a covid vaccination
  • In the US, the Children’s Health Defense has filed a lawsuit on the behalf of four parents battling against a law brought in by the District of Columbia, allowing children as young as 11 to be vaccinated without their parent’s knowledge or consent along with the withholding of the child’s vaccination records from parents
  • Putting further pressure on parents, the US Food & Drug Administration is reported to be anticipating the emergency authorisation of covid vaccines for kids under 12 by midwinter.

Plastics more harmful than originally thought

We all know that plastic is hugely damaging in many ways to both human and planetary health, but a recent study has found that plastics release far more toxic chemicals through their lifecycle than previously thought. The new study gives a comprehensive list of chemicals found in plastics and offers a terrifying view of just how harmful these substance are.

Wikipedia co-founder says it’s no longer an unbiased source of information

It comes to something when the co-founder of a global platform tells people not to trust the information it contains. The platform is Wikipedia and it’s co-founder Larry Sanger, has warned that the information, so many have relied on over the years, is now too corrupted to be trusted. He made the comments as part of an interview with Freddie Sayers on Lockdown TV. His comments echo what the ANH-Intl has been saying for several years now, which is why we no longer use Wikipedia as a source of information.

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We’ll leave you with this quote from Larry Sanger….


“If you look at the articles that Wikipedia has, you can just see how they are simply mouthing the view of the World Economic Council or World Economic Forum, and the World Health Organisation, the CDC and various other establishment mouthpieces like Fauci — they take their cues from them…There’s a global enforcement of a certain point of view, which is amazing to me amazing to a libertarian, or a liberty-loving conservative.” - Larry Sanger, with Freddie Sayers of Unherd