Doctors speak out

Brave doctors continue to defy threats of punishment and loss of registration to speak out against restrictive covid measures, warning of potential harm from covid vaccines in children. In the UK, sixty doctors have united to express their “grave concerns” over the decision by the Chief Medical Officers from all four UK nations to vaccinate healthy children aged 12-15 years. This follows the scientific advisors on the Joint Committee on Vaccinations and Immunisations (JCVI) refusing to green light the move, as they believe the benefits of vaccination do not outweigh the risks. The doctors' open letter ends with a reminder to the Chief Medical Officers to “abide by the principle of first do no harm.” In Canada, a group of concerned health professionals in British Columbia, who choose to remain anonymous due to the threat of reprisals, are questioning a range of issues as well challenging the continued censoring of any discussion of treatments for covid other than vaccination via an open letter. The letter also sets out their concerns over the ongoing removal of individual freedoms and continued narratives causing splits between family and friends. The group ends with a call to action to fellow British Columbians to take a stand now, before it’s too late.

5G stealth implementation in UK

In order to implement the next phase of 5G using millimetre waves, Big Tech companies need to saturate areas in order for the technology to work. This involves not only the use of buildings, but lamp posts and other such structures. It’s against this background that the UK government has quietly rolled out the Digital Connectivity Infrastructure Accelerator (DCIA), a £4 million competition to find a way for these structures to be used to house 5G millimetre wave transmitters. It’s highly unlikely any kind of risk assessment as to the potential health risks of such a system will be undertaken in the race to force a technology that’s likely to rain harm on an unsuspecting public.

The war on ivermectin rages on

The disproportionate attacks on ivermectin continue, unabated by the swathes of clinical and scientific evidence of its effectiveness for one main reason. There can be no emergency use authorisations (EUAs) for vaccines if a viable treatment exists. As the current crop of covid vaccines (except for comirnaty) are still in the experimental stage, they are being deployed under EUAs. As such, the success of ivermectin in treating covid-19 disease threatens the entire house of cards built on the novel injections. The fact that both Pfizer and Merck are developing anti-viral pills to be taken alongside the vaccines to combat covid-19 is another reason for such desperation to get ivermectin off the covid chessboard for good. Hit pieces designed to discredit organisations promoting its use continue to surface in mainstream media. Many members of the public are taking to court to get ivermectin prescribed in desperate attempts to help their loved ones recover. In one case, despite a judge ordering the use of ivermectin, the hospital ignored the order and witheld ivermectin. Sadly the patient died so the family will never know if the ivermectin would have helped him recover. Australian medical authorities have taken the ultimate step in preventing use of ivermectin by banning doctors from prescribing its use to treat covid-19. Dig a little deeper into the mud and we find that the US Committee that recommended ivermectin should not be used for covid-19 treatment has significant and relevant conflicts of interest likely to influence its decision. With scientific evidence of the failing effectivenes of covid vaccines against variants piling up, the witholding of ivermectin to treat covid-19 will likely affect vaccinated and unvaccinated people alike, all of whom would benefit from its use should they succumb to the virus.

In other covid vaccine news

  • The risk of heart damage in young people (particularly males) is being minimised and dismissed as insignificant compared to the supposed benefits of covid injections. Using VAERS data a new preprint reveals the dangers of experiencing heart injury following vaccination is six times higher than their risk of hospitalisation from covid-19 illness. The highest risk was found to be in males aged 12-15 following dose 2
  • No more Silence is a new website that brings together stories of adverse events following covid vaccination in one place. The toll of harm continues to be documented on a daily basis with ever more young people being added to the roll call of those who've been injured by covid injections
  • The effectiveness of the Pfizer/BioNTech injection at preventing covid infections reduces significantly over a six month period according to a new Israeli preprint, largely aimed at supporting the use of boosters due to the failure of the vaccines
  • The Biden Administration obviously hadn't heard French vaccine and public health expert, Prof Christian Perronne's recent comments when it announced mandated covid vaccines for large groups of American citizens. During an interview with UK Column, he said, "Vaccinated people are at risk of the new variants. In transmission, it’s been proven now in several countries that vaccinated people should be put in quarantine and isolated from society. Unvaccinated people are not dangerous; vaccinated people are dangerous to others."
  • Organised by Canadian Frontline Nurses the recent Health Freedom rally in Vancouver was estimated to have been attended by more than 10,000 people protesting against vaccine mandates, lockdowns and vaccine passports. The protests continue the increasing numbers of pushbacks from ordinary citizens who are no longer prepared to accept coercive and draconian covid measures
  • The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Europe, Hans Kluge, is reported to have said that vaccines won’t stop the pandemic due to the emergence of new variants. He acknowledged the vaccines could now only prevent more serious disease and reduce mortality.

Diet and mental health

What you eat can directly affect your mental health according to a new study published in Nutrients. This won’t surprise anyone working in the natural health arena as the intricate link between diet, gut health and mental health has long been known. The researchers were keen to point out that there’s no such thing as a one size fits all diet, given our uniqueness and individuality. However, they did agree that not eating highly processed foods and reducing caffeine consumption, as well as increasing our intake of plant foods, benefits everyone. The ANH Food4Health Guidelines give comprehensive guidance on what to eat to improve not just your physical but your mental health also.

Is Fauci complicit in covid origins?

The Intercept has published newly released documents courtesy of ongoing Freedom of Information (FOI) litigation against the National Institutes of Health (NIH), as it continues to investigate the origins of covid. The more than 900 pages of documents pertaining to the work of the EcoHealth Alliance contains two previously unpublished grant proposals detailing funding by the NIH, headed by Anthony Fauci, for work with bat coronaviruses and humanised mice in Wuhan based labs. Fauci has consistently denied any links between the NIH and funding of the Wuhan labs. Could this be the smoking gun that leads to the demolition of a carefully constructed edifice denying such links in an effort to cover up the true origin of a virus that has resulted in crisis and chaos the world over?