UK govt powergrab over NHS autonomy

The UK Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock, is reported to be planning a massive power grab that will render NHS Chiefs impotent. A draft White Paper leaked to Health Policy Insight sets out the government’s plans to remove the statutory independence of NHS England conferred as part of the Health and Social Care Act 2012. Reverting instead to a system where the NHS is once again at the mercy of ministerial whimsy. The justification for such a move appears to be the pandemic, nothing more. The new legislation threatens to strip the NHS bare. It has its problems and its ongoing survival is precarious, but should all the power be held by a small subset of politicians? Will it really resolve the NHS’s woes? We like many others feel that the government and NHS should be looking towards moving from the current disease management model to one of disease prevention, which is wellness-based and sees each person as an individual responsible for his/her own healthcare. This is an issue we will be focusing on closely through 2021 as we move forwards regenerating health post- pandemic with The Great Health Reset.

SARS-Cov-2 - will we ever know where it came from?

Did SARS-CoV-2 originate in a lab? You may recall this was the second question our founder tried to answer in his Q&A last week. Despite all the question marks, the mainstream narrative still upholds (with little evidence to support it) that it jumped from bats through an unknown animal species to humans, starting in the Wuhan wet market. So, no surprise, that efforts are being made to gain more evidence. In this light, EcoHealth Alliance founder Peter Daszak was given a brief by the World Health Organization to organise a mission to China. According to a recent press briefing by Danzak's mission, the virus crossed from bats via an unknown interim species outside of China (nothing new then). Ostensibly the virus was brought into China via frozen food imported into the country – which again simply echoes the narrative put forward by the Chinese authorities. The mission team have also stated that there is no evidence the virus was circulating in China prior to December 2019. Bottom line: will we ever know the true origin of this particular virus, the response to which has brought the world to its knees? What we do know is that we should continue to ask key questions and support a return to proper, open, unbiased, scientific and political debate, notions that have been sidelined of late.

Putting the ‘Covid Vaccine On Trial’

For those searching for more information about experimental covid vaccines, US-based organisation, Children’s Health Defense (CHD), founded by Robert Kennedy Jr, is bringing together a host of world-renowned experts later today, on 10th February 2021. The event will be broadcast from 7-9pm EST, midnight-2 am GMT, but you can register and receive the recording if you’re unable to attend. The event seeks to discuss the very many unanswered questions in relation to the safety and effectiveness of covid vaccines. To join the conversation for free, click here. For more information on covid vaccines, ANH founder Rob Verkerk PhD recently took time to answer 8 questions along with questions that have been sent in by ANH supporters in his recent Q&A. You can find a full rundown of all ANH-Intl’s covid-19-related content since the start of the pandemic at our Covid- Adapt don’t fight campaign page.

Council of Europe rules against mandated covid vaccines

According to the Council of Europe, covid vaccines should not be mandatory nor should anyone refusing such a vaccine be discriminated against in any shape or form. The ruling comes as part of Resolution 2361, entitled, “Covid-19 vaccines: ethical, legal and practical considerations” approved by the Council of Europe on the 27th January. As part of its recommendations on how to achieve a high uptake of the vaccine (article 7.3) article 7.3.1 states that citizens must be informed that covid vaccinations are NOT mandatory and that no-one is coerced in any way to accept a covid vaccine if they do not wish it. Article 7.3.2 states that no-one should be discriminated against in any way if they have not been vaccinated, either because of health risks or if they choose not to be vaccinated. Whilst this resolution appears to put paid to the notion of vaccine passports or the exertion of undue pressure on citizens to be vaccinated in the form of restrictions such as banning from leisure activities or workplaces in Europe, we wait to see how events transpire. Although the Resolution is not legally binding, it’s been very rare historically that the Council’s recommendations are not adopted by Member States.

Censors, censorship, censored!

Exposing people to so-called vaccine ‘misinformation’ reduces their willingness to accept a covid vaccine. In the UK and USA, 8,000 individuals were shown ‘misinformation’ by researchers publishing in Nature Human Behaviour about covid-19 vaccines. Exposure to the information reduced their willingness to accept a covid vaccine by 6.2 percentage points in the UK and 6.4 percentage points in the US. The study does not reveal what form the ‘misinformation’ took. As the battle against vaccine hesitancy hots up, Facebook has announced its intention to ramp up its war on those questioning the origins of covid-19, the efficacy and safety of vaccines and herd immunity in an attempt to shut down free debate and discussion of such issues. The most draconian restriction on freedom of speech that we’ve seen in over half a century. A recent casualty of increased censorship was the Great Barrington Facebook page, which was summarily deleted for posting a comment in support of voluntary vaccination programmes. As usual there is no recourse for review or reinstatement. If you’re becoming increasingly concerned about the massive increase in censorship and cancel culture please subscribe to our free weekly newsletter to get all the latest from ANH direct to your InBox.

Pandemic – murder most foul?

Murder is a very strong word when referring to the collateral damage caused by the human response to the pandemic. That hasn’t prevented a new editorial penned by executive editor, Kamran Abbasi from being published in the BMJ though. In it, Abbasi questions the willingness of politicians to condemn tens of thousands of people to premature death as they pursue population immunity or attempt to prop up the economy through draconian and scientifically unproven strategies in their attempts to ‘beat’ the virus. The UK government is accused of willfully ignoring advice from scientists outside of the favoured few along with international and historical experience, instead prioritising their political strategy or ideology before all else. He declares at the very least this behaviour may be classed as ‘social murder’ calling for politicians to be held to account for their actions both through legal and electoral means. Worth reading in full.

No deaths from supplements in the US

The 2019 Annual Report of the American Association of Poison Control Centers’ shows no deaths from any vitamin, mineral, homeopathic or herbal supplement in the US. You’d think this would be front page news across the world, yet nary a report in mainstream media circles appears to exist. The Orthomolecular Medicine News Service (OMNS) has taken a deep dive into the report identifying one death attributed to an unspecified “other single ingredient botanical” and an “energy product” both of which they consider to be over-the-counter-drugs and therefore not relevant. The report gives yet more authority to campaigners who oppose the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) increasing pressure on the supplement industry. As the OMNS so succinctly summarises, “…if vitamin supplements are allegedly so "dangerous," as the FDA, the news media, and even some physicians still claim, then where are the bodies? “. Given all we know about the necessity and effectiveness of micronutrient supplements we won’t be abandoning ours any time soon!

The battle for vitamin D continues

The Scottish Mail on Sunday reports that covid patients are being treated with high dose vitamin D. Covid patients admitted to Raigmore Hospital are being given a ‘large’ (unspecified) dose on admission, followed by daily supplementation in conjunction with other treatments. In England, the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, has requested a third review into the use of vitamin D both as a preventative and a treatment for covid patients. MP David Davis has continued his pressure on the UK government to use vitamin D as part of covid protocols (particularly for care home residents) citing Andalusia’s successful use of the sunshine vitamin, which is being seen as a contributing factor to an 82% drop in covid deaths between November and the beginning of January. Our vitamin D campaign sets out all you need to know to help support your immune system naturally to do what nature designed it to do. And for all round support don’t forget about vitamin C and zinc!

Glyphosate damages the microbiome at ‘safe’ levels

Glyphosate damages the gut microbiome using the same mechanism that kills ‘weeds’, even at doses claimed to be safe by regulators. An international new rat study published in Environmental Health Perspectives is the first to describe one mechanism by which glyphosate or Roundup affects the health and function of the microbiome in rats. When used as a weedkiller, glyphosate inhibits the shikimate biochemical pathway. Because humans and animals do not have this pathway regulators claim glyphosate isn’t toxic to humans. However, the new study has found some gut bacteria do have this pathway. This could result in their destruction leading to imbalances in gut flora, which have been linked to an array of chronic diseases. The researchers found that the Roundup formulation was more toxic than glyphosate on its own. In order to safeguard our own and loved one’s health and wellbeing, exposure to glyphosate weedkillers should be avoided wherever possible by focusing on organic produce or growing our own wherever possible.

Forest bathing benefits peer reviewed in UK

Spending time in wooded areas results in significant improvements in health. A newly published paper in Sustainability has become the first UK-based peer reviewed study measuring the health benefits of the ancient Japanese practice of 'forest bathing'. The paper is the result of a collaboration between the Forest Bathing Institute and researchers at the University of Derby. Researchers found that engaging in forest bathing has a host of benefits including improvements in mood, connection to nature, compassion and more environmental awareness. An improvement in heart rate variability was seen in 57% of participants while 29% experienced a reduction in levels of anxiety. Being outdoors not only helps our mental health it can also reduce inflammation in the body. It’s probably the most underrated – free – drug available so go for it and get outside as much as you can.