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  • A new book released by Dr. Peter Attia entitled, 'Outlive: The Science & Art of Longevity', outlines the most important factors for living a healthy life: eating, moving, sleeping and our emotional health. In a recent interview with Bari Weiss, Attia emphasises the importance of going upstream to the root cause of the problems we are facing in society, instead of dealing with the consequences downstream. He asks what is the point in living longer lives if our lives are unhappy and unhealthy and that facing and healing our traumas is more important than focusing solely on longevity. The ANH Regen Health Blueprint Project recognises the need for an entirely different approach to healthcare across the globe. One that promotes health and resilience rather than detecting, 'preventing' and managing disease.

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  • Researchers have found a way to pull viable human DNA from the environment, which can then be analysed to provide information about the people it came from
  • The younger you are when you develop type 2 diabetes the higher your risk of developing dementia. Researchers publishing in Diabetologia, found that study participants who developed diabetes at a younger age had a 16.6% higher risk of developing dementia than those who didn’t develop diabetes. In their conclusion, the researchers said that tackling diabetes and preventing its onset would reduce the burden from dementia cases in older age
  • In New York the mayor, Eric Adams, has just approved a law banning discrimination against people on the basis of their height or weight. Whilst, in principle, many may see this as a positive step to prevent discrimination, in reality, normalising being overweight or obese through legislation, could prevent people from tackling their weight and associated health issues.

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  • Data from a recent survey of consumers of food supplements in New Zealand found over half of those who took part in the survey had taken food supplements in the previous 12 months to support good health. The most common mineral consumed was magnesium, followed by iron. Two thirds (66%) of those who used supplements took vitamin C, 34% took vitamin D, 25% vitamin B12 and 24% a complex of B vitamins. More than half reported they used supplements or natural remedies every day
  • Health Canada is getting ready to introduce swinging mandatory fees, which it calls cost recovery, that could cripple the natural health products sector in Canada. It’s published a detailed proposal for consultation, setting out a range of mandatory fees that risk pushing small and medium sized companies out of business. Gowling WLG has more detail
  • Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority has told supplement companies they must add a warning to products containing vitamin B6 to warn consumers about the risk of developing peripheral neuropathy. Unlike the European Union, which has recently recommended a reduction of the Tolerable Upper Level to an ineffectual 12.5 mg, the maximum daily limit in Singapore is 100 mg. However, the Singapore authorities also ignore the differences between the different forms of the vitamin.

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  • Insect populations and biodiversity has continued to decline in the UK despite continued attempts to introduce more nature friendly management structures over the past few decades. A new study using citizen collated data, published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B, calls for more incentives and government policies to support the resilience and sustainability of agricultural ecosystems
  • Dr Paul Marik, has received a public apology from an Australian PhD candidate who made a series of public unsubstantiated claims, and questioned the integrity of the authors, that study data from a peer-reviewed study led by Dr Marik on the use of IV vitamin C, had been fabricated. The claims sparked a year long investigation into the research, which found no errors. Dr Marik said he hopes, the now Dr Sheldrick, has learnt a lesson that there's a particular way to deal with such concerns that don't include publicly outing people on social media before contacting them privately
  • The hidden issue of funders’ influence on scientific research and how it damages the quality and independence of health research is examined in a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM). The report is based on a three-day workshop exploring the many ways study funders can damage and influence outcomes and research quality. Recordings of the workshop can be accessed on the NASEM YouTube channel
  • The 76th World Health Assembly has recommended the adoption of a decision to develop a new global strategy on the continued use of traditional medicine. The decision recognises the importance of traditional medicine through the pandemic and calls for an extension of the WHO traditional medicine strategy until 2025
  • Following the introduction of mRNA ‘vaccines’ during the covid crisis, Moderna is targeting cancer patients to drive the acceptance and rapid approval of mRNA technologies. Moderna and Merck have announced combining Merck’s Keytruda drug for skin cancer, combined with an mRNA treatment from Moderna, cut the risk of skin cancer spreading by 65%. Scientists are suggesting such ‘vaccines’ could be produced in as little as 8 weeks, leaving no room for safety assessment of the products developed.

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News from ANH-USA

  • Does the advent of new 'miracle' weight loss drugs make traditional weight loss strategies obsolete? Dr Ronald Hoffman explores the limitations and busts the myth that they're a panacea for the obesity epidemic. Read more...
  • The prestigious Nobel Prize organisation recently hosted a Summit that promised to restore trust in science. As it turns out the themes of truth, trust and hope that were held aloft proved to be a hollow promise, nothing more than a salve as the narrative revealed plans for ongoing suppression of scientific discourse and dissent in order to 'protect' the public and present a single, unchallengeable, view. Read more...
  • The US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) resolute stance on the regulation of CBD continues.The ANH-USA team along with stakeholders in the industry continue to dialogue with the FDA over the issue in order to protect citizens access to CBD as a food supplement. Read more...

Covid News

  • In the wake of the pandemic, governments across the globe, in hand with global health authorities, are forcing digital health systems on citizens. The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced it will be partnering with the European Commission to establish a global digital health ID system (which appears uncannily like a vaccine passport) to facilitate ‘global mobility’ and ‘protect’ citizens from future health threats, including pandemics. Many countries have already introduced digital health systems, which allow patients to access their health records, softening people up to accept new digital health passports. In India, a digital health ID has been introduced as part of a digital health system, the US encourages people to sign up for digital access to health records, as does the UK’s NHS. In Canada plans are afoot for the introduction of digital health care systems. Admittedly, the ability to manage your health records online may seem to be a good thing at first glance. However, digital IDs implemented via the health system are the top of a steep and slippery slope, to the imposition of digital IDs that are required for everything including accessing your own bank account, which can be used to control an individual’s right to travel freely or ultimately your ability to purchase what you want when you want to
  • Sunday 4th June saw the Premiere of director Mikki Willis’s new film, 'The Global Awakening', the third in his Plandemic series. The film centres on a lecture from the late ‘60s made by G Edward Griffin warning of the influence of the Chinese Communist Party and its threat to the freedom of citizens in the Western World, as previously democratic societies continue to march inexorably towards totalitarian control. If you missed the Premiere you can watch the film for free.

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  • A recent Cleveland clinic study, initially published as a preprint in February 2023, that reports that the more covid vaccines a person has, the higher their risk of developing covid has now been peer reviewed and published in Open Forum Infectious Diseases
  • With increasing pushback against the introduction of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Pandemic Treaty coupled with amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR), the Chair of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB) called for a major pandemic simulation exercise to be carried out to test the effectiveness of the Treaty and regulations at the recent World Health Assembly. The GPMB Chair said such a simulation should take place prior to the adoption of the treaty and IHR amendments (as a proof of concept) to ensure the successful introduction of both.

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  • Dr Abdulla Assiri, co-chair of the WHO’s working group on amendments to the IHRs, called for the further restriction of individual liberties through more stringent censorship to prevent the sharing of information which counters officially approved narratives. He also stated that another pandemic ‘will’ occur making it clear that there was more to come
  • Health Policy Watch has obtained a draft copy of the latest version of the Pandemic Treaty known as WHO CA+. A Nature article bemoans what it terms the ‘watered down’ language of the draft Treaty that could allow members to opt out of the Treaty. However the draft still contains a hefty amount of ‘shalls’ and ‘wills’. Speaking about claims, the Treaty would cede authority to the WHO during a future health emergency and the WHO’s director-general is quoted as saying that there is no direct mechanism to enforce compliance contained in the Treaty. He didn't, however, mention the amendments to the International Health Regulations
  • An anonymous group of doctors, led by the Good Law Project, is taking legal action against the UK’s General Medical Council (GMC) in an attempt to shut down controversial cardiologist, Dr Aseem Malhotra. The group is taking the action due to the GMC’s refusal to investigate Dr Malhotra for sharing alleged covid misinformation
  • Drs Tom Jefferson and Carl Heneghan question whether pharmacovigilant surveillance by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) and Medsafe in New Zealand can be trusted. Unsurprisingly, the answer is a resounding No! Read more on their Trust the Evidence Substack
  • The family of a 24 year-old man who died as a result of vaccine induced myocarditis, following ‘vaccination’ with the Pfizer covid mRNA injection is suing the US Department of Defense (DOD). They allege the DOD deliberately misled people with its statements that the covid jabs were safe and effective. The lawsuit hinges on the distinction between the emergency authorised jabs and the approved Comirnaty jab, which never made it into people’s arms but allowed the DOD to intentionally misrepresent the jabs' safety. The Defender has more
  • A particular type of Australian garlic can reduce the infectiveness of the SARS-CoV-2 and flu viruses according to recent in-vitro testing carried out by the Peter Doherty Institute on behalf of the Australian Garlic Producers. Twenty varieties of garlic were tested but only one was effective against the viruses. In a statement, the Peter Doherty Institute endorsed covid injections warning against relying on garlic to combat covid
  • A video from Japanese scientist, Prof Murakami of Tokyo University of Science, is being shared on Twitter. In the video Prof Murakami highlights the presence of SV40, a promoter of cancer viruses, that can make it easier for foreign DNA to enter the nucleus of human cells. He asks why Pfizer has to date, hidden the information. English translation of Prof Murakami's video
  • The multi-million dollar RECOVER programme investigating long covid has published its first paper in JAMA, establishing a framework for diagnosing long covid. Researchers have described long covid as a ‘syndrome of syndromes’ and identified 12 main symptoms to identify someone who has long covid
  • Repeated covid injections may create immune tolerance to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein according to a new preprint study, which in turn could cause autoimmune disease, autoimmune myocarditis and promote cancer growth

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  • Eight out of 21 sudden deaths due to heart related issues, were directly related to vaccine related myocarditis,  following receipt of mRNA covid jabs. A study from Korean researchers, published in the European Heart Journal, confirmed the diagnosis through autopsy results. They also found levels of vaccine related myocarditis was highest in young men aged 12-17
  • French scientist, Dider Raoult, is facing prosecution for carrying out an unauthorised scientific study on covid patients as he treated them with hydroxychloroquine, zinc and other treatments, which proved highly effective, but were not endorsed by authorities. Prof Didier has indicated that the study, published as preprint paper recently, which sparked the row, will be withdrawn at the request of other authors. He remains defiant and stands by the treatments, which saved the lives of many people with covid
  • A new study published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highlights the rapid waning of ’protection’ from covid booster jabs. Within 6 months of receipt the so called effectiveness of the jabs was no more than 24%
  • Hundreds of doctors and citizens in the US have come together to ‘start a movement’. Called the Global Health Project, the new organisation has launched a campaign called, ‘Never Again’, calling on healthcare providers across the spectrum to ensure the poor treatment of patients and lack of ethics seen during the pandemic isn’t repeated in future. As part of the campaign, it has released a video called ‘The Oath', in which members of the project describe the harms caused by censoring dissenting voices during the covid crisis on doctors, patients and the healthcare system.

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  • Arkmedic debunks claims from pro-vaxxer, Vicki Male, that covid jabs are perfectly safe for pregnant women as he examines the evidence she relies on to support her rhetoric
  • An event organised by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) resulted in a large covid outbreak. All those infected had received at least one covid jab. Rather than admitting the jabs were ineffectual, the CDC used the outbreak to push the supposed effectiveness of the jabs because no-one was hospitalised or died. Get the full story from the Epoch Times
  • A new study published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases, investigates the efficacy of molnupiravir in US veterans with covid. Spoiler alert – monulpirivar was found to be ineffective and harmful. However, the study inadvertently reveals that veterans who were unvaccinated or hadn’t completed the initial series of covid jabs were significantly less likely to be hospitalised than those who had received two or more shots. Igor Chudov has more
  • A letter to the editor, published in Medical Research Archives, calls for an investigation into the way US public health officials hid evidence linking covid jabs with the risk of myocarditis until a significant proportion of US citizens had been given at least one shot
  • Did lockdowns work? That’s the question posed by a book published by the Institute of Affairs, based on a working paper from researchers at the John Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics. The book concludes that lockdowns were a ‘gigantic failure’ and that the draconian restrictions imposed on people globally did little to reduce deaths while causing substantial economic, social and cultural costs to society
  • The Biden administration is arguing, as part of a lawsuit, that damage caused by censorship is ‘far outweighed’ by its benefits to the public interest. In other words censorship of free speech is a necessary evil to protect the public and stop questions about the veracity of the government narrative, which has already been proven to be questionable in the past three years
  • A UK based think tank, Autonomy, is looking for funding for a ‘micro-pilot’ of the universal basic income (UBI) to run over the next two years in two areas in England. If successful, selected individuals will be paid £1,600 a month, per person, for two years to find out what effect the unconditional payment has on people’s mental and physical health; and whether those receiving it will choose to work or not. The pilot is estimated to cost in the region of £1.65 million.


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