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Natural News

  • Women exposed to PFAS ('forever chemicals')and other endocrine disrupting chemicals are at higher risk of developing cancer. Using biomonitoring data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), researchers publishing in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology found exposure to PFDE, PFNA and PFUA, which are different PFAS compounds, nearly doubled the risk of a prior melanoma diagnosis. They also found a link between exposure to PHNA and uterine cancer. Yet another reason for the wholesale banning of the entire class of PFAS chemicals.

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  • Want to use public transport free for a year? In Austria all you have to do is get a tattoo including the word "KlimaTicket" to promote a campaign to reduce private car use by 16% by 2024
  • A legal challenge against the UK government for not putting public health first when it comes to the installation of 5G infrastructure, has been submitted to the UK Department of Health and Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities by campaign group RFInfo. Find out more about the challenge and how you can support it.

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  • Are you prepared to give up meat and milk to ‘save’ the environment? Reducing meat and dairy consumption by 50% could significantly reduce global warming over the next 30 years. That’s the conclusion of a modelling study published by researchers linked to Impossible Foods, purveyors of plant-based meat substitutes, published in Nature Communications. The authors haven’t taken account of the need to replace animal fats with highly processed vegetable and seed oils, which, apart from the damage to human health, require large inputs of agro-chemicals and undergo hugely damaging processing upping the environmental and health cost of producing such 'novel alternatives'
  • The Coalitition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) has announced funding of US $3.6million to Gennova Biopharmaceuticals. The funding is to support the development of a self-amplifying mRNA (saRNA) vaccine platform, which will be used to develop new vaccines to combat Disease X, an as yet, unknown disease predicted to wreak havoc on the human population
  • As money is poured into the development of mRNA based 'vaccines' a bigger problem is arising for authorities. That of vaccine scepticism, which is growing at a rate, which is alarming US officials and putting them at a loss as to how to tackle the growing number of people who are refusing further covid shots and questioning the need to give their kids so many injections
  • Transgenic rice is once again being touted as the solution to problems with rice harvests, this time in Africa, after a series of outbreaks of bacterial blight. Scientists from the Healthy Crops Project, funded by the Gates Foundation, claim to have gene-edited rice to resist a Chinese variant of blight. This is a battle that’s been waged for years as farmers resist the ever-aggressive tactics of Big Ag to introduce gene-edited rice and prevent them from using saved seed that's adapted to local conditions. In this instance, it seems the recent blight outbreak is in Tanzania that relies on local farmer seeds, and which is one of only a few African countries that remains self-sufficient in rice. GRAIN has the full story
  • The way to combat the obesity epidemic is to tax 'junk food', high in fat, sugar and salt, according to former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair. Under such a system, are foods high in fat, but would the system also penalise healthy 'high fat' foods such as olive oil, avocados, nuts or even meat? It might also reward 'foods' that are low in fat but are highly processed and use seed oils. Rather than trying to constantly penalise consumers, we need to reward, encourage and move away from highly processed foods to minimally processed foods that help tackle obesity and promote vibrant health.

>>> Looking for help to move away from highly processed foods to make the best of nature's abundance and ability to promote vibrant health? Now's the perfect time to buy a copy of RESET EATING and turn your food into powerful medicine!

News from ANH-USA

  • The ability of drug companies to claim drug status on a nutrient is being ably assisted by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) in the US. The ANH-USA team has been at the forefront of efforts to protect consumers' freedom to choose supplements containing nutrients, such as NMN and n-acetyl-cysteine (NAC) that promote optimal health. Read the update on this critical issue
  • Access to compounded bioidentical hormones (cBHRT ) is in serious jeopardy due to a new rule being worked on by the FDA that could see cBHRT placed on the ‘Difficult to Compound’ list, which could see it banned. Read the update and find out how you can support the campaign to maintain access to cBHRT in the US
  • Dr Ron Hoffman shares five issues affecting the integrative medicine community including training, herbs v drugs, poor research and more. Read more

Covid News

  • Dr Joseph Ladapo, Florida’s Surgeon General, is warning people not to get the new covid booster shots saying there’s no evidence to support their efficacy or safety, commenting, “There are a lot red flags”
  • The new booster shots have now received emergency approval by US authorities based on data from a single experiment with 10 mice injected with either the previous bivalent jab, or the updated monovalent shot. Dr Peter McCullough has more
  • A UK employment tribunal found against a British Airways pilot who was banned from flying for refusing to wear a mask, saying his refusal infringed other people's 'fundamental' human rights who could catch a disease due to him not wearing a mask
  • Legal action by the Children’s Health Defense to oppose California’s recent medical misinformation bill, has led to the bill being repealed. The Defender has the full story
  • Covid jabs have been linked to increases in all-cause mortality. The new study, led  by Denis Rancourt, which hasn’t been peer reviewed as yet, published in Correlation, analysed data from 17 countries, concluding that governments should put an immediate end to the prioritisation of covid injections for older people
  • mRNA from covid jabs has been found in the breast milk of breastfeeding women. A study published in Lancet Discovery Science analysing breastmilk samples from 13 women, before and after vaccination, found mRNA from the covid shots in samples from 10 women. The findings show conclusively that the mRNA from covid shots spreads throughout the body and can be passed to infants through breastfeeding. The study also suggests that the mRNA is not biologically active, but when mRNA from vaccine vials was tested, it was also found to be inactive. Igor Chudov dives into the details
  • Ten teachers in New York have been reinstated and awarded back pay after they lost their jobs for refusing to be covid jabbed. The ruling comes following legal action supported by Children’s Health Defence
  • Levels of sickness amongst healthcare workers increased following covid jabs and boosters leading to staff shortages, which could impact significantly on patient care according to a study published in Public Health
  • The Biden Administration is continuing its funding of research programmes, studies and other initiatives to combat ‘misinformation’ to the tune of $4 million in September alone. The continued funding flies in the face of the recent court judgement that found the administration had violated the First Amendment by driving social media companies to censor unwanted content
  • An Interim Report has been released by Commissioners from the Canadian National Citizens Inquiry following the approval of updated covid jabs for all Canadians over the age of 6 months. The report is accompanied by a letter to the Canadian President, Justin Troudeau, calling out the lack of safety testing of the updated shots
  • Novak Djokovic’s steadfast refusal to be covid jabbed, despite being banned from playing in major competitions during the pandemic, has been vindicated as he wins three more Grand Slam titles in 2023
  • Wearing a face mask for long periods increases levels of fatigue, reduces pulse rates and impairs decision making according a new study published in Nurse Education in Practice, which analysed data from nursing students in Turkey. The researchers also reported mask wearing impacted students’ ability to breathe properly (dyspnea).


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