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ANH Health Creation Faculty Masterclass with Dr Leo Pruimboom

We are delighted to announce a very special event for health professionals and health coaches — a unique opportunity to join Dr Leo Pruimboom, the founder of Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology, for a one-off, deep-dive, masterclass in Central London. Hosted by Rob Verkerk PhD, this is a rare opportunity to learn and interact with two of the most visionary thought leaders in the regenerative health field today. 

'From irritation to low grade inflammation; the universal pathway of chronic disease'

Stress is only stress when it irritates long enough to produce a molecular pattern that activates the immune system. In this way it becomes logical that toxic emotions or toxic thoughts can make you ill. The conventional view of health and disease has forgotten that a disease is the consequence of a universal phenomenon called 'Life'. So to unravel the film of every malady, it is necessary to identify the stressors and pathways by which ‘irritation’ causes inflammation. From here, we can learn how to change 'Life', along with our responses and behaviours, to reduce or eliminate inflammation and become robust, as nature intended.

Date: Friday 17th November

Time: 9am - 5.30pm

Venue: The China Exchange, London

Booking Link:

Natural News

  • Canadians are standing up to protect their access to natural health options in a big way. Pushback against Health Canada’s proposed new natural health product regulations, that stand to decimate the natural health industry, has been enormous as Canadians send reams of postcards and letters and lobby their MPs to stop Health Canada in its tracks. The campaign has been so successful that the postcards became a major talking point during a briefing held by the Standing Committee on Health. Shawn Buckley, who’s leading the Natural Health Products Protection Association (NHPPA) campaign, recorded a video to thank all of those who’ve engaged so far, inviting them to maintain the pressure to defeat the proposals and protect Canada's thriving natural health industry

  • Nearly 70% of people surveyed as part of the 2023 BBC Good Food Nation survey, feel they eat a healthy diet, although many young people focus on calorie counting rather than the nutritional content of food to support their health. The survey also reveals that nearly 20% of the cohort are turning to highly processed, convenience foods as the cost of cooking from scratch is perceived to be too expensive due to the soaring cost of living. The survey doesn't appear to have taken into the account the impact on health of the increased consumption of highly proccessed foods, or the additional costs and burdens on overburdened healthcare systems

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  • The harmful effects of emulsifiers, such as polysorbate 80, are acknowledged in a new mouse study published in PLOS. However, rather than cautioning against eating emulsifiers, found predominantly in highly processed foods, the researchers propose the use of a ‘vaccine’ to prevent the gut immune system from reacting to emulsifiers in order to prevent inflammation and the subsequent development of chronic disease. Such a development would, potentially, give Big Food carte blanche to further degrade our food supply and, in turn, supply Big Pharma with an ever-increasing number of customers
  • The tide is turning against fake meat. The latest high profile casualty of the fall in demand is Beyond Meat, which saw its revenue fall by 31% in the 2nd quarter of 2023, as consumers ditch high-priced fake meat products in favour of the real thing. The industry is doubling down though, as it seeks to redefine products to win consumers back. However, as consumers become increasingly aware of the health costs of highly processed foods they’re turning back to meat as a superior source of nutrition
  • Surging levels of vaccine scepticism in the US have left the White House at a loss over how to tackle it. The rise of people questioning the safety and effectiveness of vaccines across the board has increased through the covid crisis. An op-ed in Politico lays the blame for the increase fairly and squarely at the feet of Robert F Kennedy Jr for bringing increased attention to the subject, yet it ignores the rising tide of health issues following the covid shots, that seems to be pushing people to ask more questions
  • A recent court case brings the use of outdated science to approve pesticides in the EU into doubt. The case brought by PAN Europe against the Dutch pesticide authority, Ctgb, challenged its policy to use decades-old guidelines and ignore more up to date science evidencing the health harms of pesticides. The case could have significant ramifications, if the opinion is maintained in the final court verdict, for the way that other EU authorities, such as EFSA, support approvals for other pesticides and set tolerable upper limits (TULs) for nutrients, which has been sculpting its scientific assessments to suit policy (and pharma) objectives for decades
  • Intravenous vitamin C (IVC) use has been restricted in Australia. The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) is now limiting the use of IVC by GPs despite the overwhelming scientific evidence supporting its effectiveness and efficacy in a wide range of conditions. Dr Ian Brighthope has sent a letter expressing his concerns about the matter to the RACGP, which impacts both patients and practitioners alike

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  • OPTA Europe is calling on European legislators to “stand firmly on the side of agroecology, which excludes gene editing” as part of its response to a consultation on legislation for plant products produced by certain new genomic techniques (NGTs). Should NGTs be approved in organic food supply chains, it states there should be mandatory traceability and labelling of all products produced by NGTs to protect the integrity of organic supply chains
  • Plans are afoot to use European data processing regulations (GDPR) to effect a raid on EU citizens' health data, without their explicit consent. Currently people don’t have the right to prevent their data being shared with the likes of pharmaceutical companies, which are likely to be rubbing their hands with glee at the possibility of accessing such a huge pot of health data gold.

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News from ANH-USA

  • In the 1990s an environmental catastrophe was narrowly averted by a graduate student who noticed a gene edited bacterium, that was about to be released, killed virtually all plant life it came into contact with. Fast forward 2 decades and the agrochemical industry is at again, as it tries to engineer microbes to deal with polluted soils. Read more
  • The ‘censorship industrial complex’ continues to ride roughshod over our freedom of speech in its efforts to censor so-called ‘misinformation’. The campaign is now broadening out to encompass multiple natural health areas such as intermittent fasting and ketogenic diets. Read more

Covid News

  • A mere few weeks are now available for World Health Organization (WHO) member states to submit further amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR), which set out compulsory rules that countries globally, would be expected to follow in the event of a pandemic being declared. Meanwhile a new draft of the WHO Pandemic Treaty (now called the pandemic accord) is expected to be released in the next few weeks. Watch this space for more updates on the WHO's attempt to grab exponential power to declare pandemics and remove our health sovereignty
  • In Germany, ministers are calling for fossil fuel subsidies to be diverted to pay for the implementation costs of rolling out universal health coverage (UHC), estimated at $350 billion per annum, in order to be ready to combat future pandemics
  • A lawsuit has been filed against the maker of remdesivir, Gilead, over allegations it didn’t disclose potential adverse events when promoting its use. The lawsuit has been brought by the wife of someone who died following receipt of the drug, along with a man who says he suffered an adverse reaction. The Epoch Times has the full story
  • Speaking at the Swedish Parliament recently, Swiss attorney, Philipp Kruse’s message was clear. Don’t accede to the WHO's massive power grab to control the health policies of member states. Kruse’s speech formed part of a seminar in the Swedish Parliament organised by Independent MP, Elsa Widding
  • The Canadian government, utilising repressive online censorship legislation, has announced that all "online streaming services that offer podcasts", must formally register with the government to permit regulatory controls. The move leaves the door wide open to further controls and censorship of online content
  • UK NHS surgeon, Dr Muhammed Adil, is the latest doctor to be struck off by the General Medical Council (GMC) for speaking out about covid ‘conspiracies’ over the past three years
  • mRNA from covid shots has been found in the lymph nodes of the majority of people studied, who died within 30 days post jab. Spike protein was also found in the hearts of a subset of patients who died within 30 days of receiving a covid shot. The study published in Nature, which reviewed the autopsy records of 20 vaccinated patients and 5 unvaccinated patients, did not tackle the mechanisms by which vaccine mRNA circulates around the body
  • UK MP, Andrew Bridgen, has forced a parliamentary debate on the continued increase in excess deaths in the UK. The debate has been scheduled for Friday 20th October, although it will take place in the so called ‘graveyard shift’, making it unlikely there will be a good attendance
  • A quietly released report from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), concludes there is little evidence to support the use of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) such as lockdowns and mask wearing during the covid crisis
  • How has the EU made key covid documents disappear? Apparently, officials use sleight of hand and call the requested documents ‘short-lived correspondence’, which exempts their inclusion in official inventories. Journalist, Arthur Neslen, writing in the EU Observer has more
  • Data from the Canadian ambulance services show a ‘startling increase’ in call outs for cardiovascular events, since the roll out of covid shots. Dr Byram Bridle has more on his Substack
  • It turns out the contents of covid shots are not as advertised. Arkmedic takes a dive into the murky world of mRNA shots, to discuss the various ways in which the shots have been designed and manufactured, that increase the risk of the DNA they contain modifying the human genome
  • More than 11,000 healthcare workers in New Zealand, including doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists etc, were given ‘12A exemptions’ from mandated covid jabs, whilst others who refused covid shots were vilified and lost their jobs. New Zealand Doc has the full story along with the damning evidence
  • Investigative journalist, Paul D Thacker, reveals the complex and opaque funding of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, which authored and published the Disinformation Dozen that resulted in mass censorship of those named in the report (here and here)
  • A new paper published in Biomedicines, reviews the evidence for the existence of ‘spikeopathy’ in cases of autoimmune, cardiovascular, neurological and potential oncological effects related to both covid infection and covid shots. The authors found that the spike protein from the SARS-CoV-2 virus is pathogenic with multiple risks to health and calls for the suspension of the use of gene-based covid ‘vaccines’
  • The Epoch Times reports on the increase in sudden onset psychiatric issues including suicidal thoughts, panic attacks and hallucinations following covid shots
  • Yet more evidence points to damage caused to the heart by covid shots. Researchers publishing in Radiology, scanned the hearts of covid ‘vaccinated’ and unvaccinated people to assess levels of Fluorine-Fluorodeoxyglucose (F-FDG) uptake. Those who had received 2 covid shots were found to have a higher uptake of F-FDG than those who were unvaccinated, indicating damage to the heart. Igor Chudov has more on his Substack.


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