This week's bite size news from around the world about covid-19 and the human response to it, sees an increase in both the coercion aimed at forcing people to be covid jabbed, along with a significant increase in pushbacks from those determined to hold the line and not bow to such pressure.


  • Italian citizens have continued to protest against the introduction of the Green Pass. In Trieste, where protestors have been blockading the port, the local Mayor is reported to be banning all demonstrations until the end of the year and threatening to punish anyone who dares continue with the protests through the use of punitive fines. He has also said that he will bring in a requirement for masks to be worn both indoors and outdoors blaming the measures on a rise in covid infections due to the protests
  • A surge in infections in Greece has seen the government laying blame at the door of those who are unvaccinated, despite robust evidence to show both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals have the same risk of becoming infected and passing on the virus to others. Anyone who is not jabbed will have to show a negative test to be able to access many facilities and provide twice weekly tests to access workplaces. Business owners will be the target of increased fines for non-compliance
  • German officials are considering banning unjabbed people from the Christmas markets if they can’t show proof of recovery from covid infection
  • In Austria, the government has threatened to lockdown anyone who has refused a jab as they also see a surge in infection rates
  • The New South Wales government has lifted restrictions for double jabbed residents earlier than expected, but continues to maintain lockdowns for anyone who has yet to be jabbed as it attempts to bully and coerce people into being injected
  • In the UK, covid jabs are to be made compulsory for all NHS workers from April 2022. The health secretary has delayed implementation of the new mandate over fears of a mass exodus of staff from an already overstretched service facing potentially increased winter pressures
  • Care homes in the UK already struggling with a chronic shortage of staff now risk losing even more staff as thousands face being sacked for not complying with jab mandates. It’s estimated up to 60,000 workers could be affected by the crackdown, not to mention the impact on those who rely on their services.


  • The state of Iowa has joined with ten other states in a lawsuit to prevent mandatory covid injections for federal employees. The Governor of Iowa said that whilst she believes vaccination is the best defence, people should not be forced to choose between their job and personal beliefs
  • A federal judge in Washington state has issued a temporary restraining order to prevent the Biden administration from firing unvaccinated civilians and active-duty military personnel while they have their requests for exemptions processed. The order was issued on the same day that Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, announced that the state has filed a lawsuit challenging the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for federal employees
  • The Southwest Airlines pilots union has lost its case requesting a temporary block on vaccine mandates for its employees. The judge ruled that the airline was within its rights to require vaccination in order to provide a safe working environment
  • In Chicago Police officers won’t have to meet a 31st December deadline to get covid injected after a judge granted part of a temporary restraining order. However, the judge ruled that the vaccine mandate would remain and that the city could continue to discipline those who refuse to disclose their covid vaccination status
  • In the UK despite a judge refusing permission for a judicial review to prevent the ongoing jabbing of children aged 12-16, a new legal challenge has been filed due to mounting concerns over the safety of the jabs for children.


  • After 26,000 firefighters and other public employees in New York City continued to refuse covid jabs, 26 fire stations across the city have been closed. Firefighters are also reported to be calling in sick piling the pressure on state governor De Blasio to remove his vaccine mandates. Rubbish is now starting to pile up across New York as the city suspends more federal workers who are refusing to be injected
  • Tennessee has stepped up to the mark by passing a bill that outlaws vaccine passports and jab mandates, and provides protection to doctors and health professionals who speak out against the covid shots, amongst a raft of anti-covid restriction measures
  • US Congresswoman Kat Cammack, is promising to help any federal employee or business affected by the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandates in the US that wants to fight back
  • Australian citizens have taken inspiration from France and started having picnics in the streets outside restaurants and bars that are enforcing jab passports
  • Around 12,000 US air force personnel have declined covid jabs, leaving the military with a dilemma on how to deal with the opposition without depleting its forces and ability to deploy quickly in an emergency
  • Nurses in British Columbia, Canada who refuse the jab and have lost their jobs have come together to set up new health care clinics across Canada. Named Ezra Wellness, the clinics will welcome everyone regardless of jab status and see a return to proper health care delivery. You can find out more about the Ezra Wellness clinics and their services on Facebook
  • Across the pond, also driven by the failing health system here in the UK, Humanity UK is seeking to unite clinical and holistic health care to ensure that all clients, regardless of vaccine status, have access to health services. Already hundreds of skilled professionals, such as doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, holistic therapists, and practitioners, are uniting to offer a service to achieve optimal health in mind, body, and soul
  • Rapper turned actor, Ice Cube, has walked away from a lucrative movie deal after he refused covid shots
  • South Dakota state governor, Kristi Noem, has signed an Executive Order to protect federal employees, as long as they have a medical or religious exemption, against President Biden’s jab mandates saying “… they’re not authorised and not permitted by the federal government…”
  • Nearly 200 Queensland police officers have been granted exemptions from covid jabs, although 130 have been suspended for refusing to comply with jab mandates. Also in Queensland, up to 7,000 healthcare workers are reported to be refusing covid jabs, despite mandates requiring them to be injected. So far 4,000 workers have been suspended causing chaos in the healthcare system. The Health Minister is reported to have said she isn’t concerned about the disruption to healthcare services resulting from the pushbacks
  • Tens of thousands of UK citizens took to the streets of London once again on Saturday 30th October to protest against the potential introduction of vaccine passports. The march stood in solidarity with Australian citizens outside the Australian embassy
  • In South Australia, 3,000 nurses and health care workers took to the streets to protest against mandated covid jabs
  • Thousands turned out in Melbourne, Australia over the last weekend in October to protest against brutal covid restrictions and jab mandates. Protestors called for the sacking of Dan Andrews who is pushing for the introduction of continued emergency laws that will give him sweeping powers to impose future restrictions with little or no oversight
  • Hospitals4Humanity is a newly founded association committed to ensuring that the rights and freedoms of healthcare workers in Swiss hospitals are protected and respected. It particularly advocates that hospital staff should be allowed to make properly informed decisions about any medical intervention without fear of reprisal or discrimination
  • Four committed and outspoken European MEPs held a press conference last month to speak out against the use of covid certification and the oppression of European citizens. The press conference called "Defending fundamental rights by opposing the misuse of Digital Green Certificate" saw MEPs: Christine Anderson (Germany, ID), Francesca Donato (Italy, NI), Ivan Vilibor Sinčić (NI, HR) and Cristian Terheş' (ECR, RO) impassioned speeches. They followed their initial press conference with a second a week later to continue their bid to protect of the rights and freedoms of European citizens
  • Deni Varnhagen of the Australian Football League Women (AFLW), has spoken out about her decision to refuse covid jabs during a recent protest. Varnhagen who is a nurse said, “Everyone should have the right to choose what enters their body
  • Healthcare workers in Victoria have set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to fight the state’s vaccine mandates. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated workers are standing together to oppose the removal of an individual’s right to choose whether to accept a medical intervention or not
  • Quebec has dropped jab mandates for university and school teachers and staff citing the high levels of people who have already been injected
  • One of Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau’s, elite bodyguards is putting his job on the line to speak out against the introduction of jab mandates, calling them authoritarian as he calls on Canadian citizens to stand up to draconian government dictats that are increasingly removing their basic rights and freedoms
  • Two petitions have been launched in Australia as part of moves to resist government coercions. The first has been set up to oppose a new bill that will give Dan Andrews’ government almost unlimited power to instigate lockdowns and other restrictions at will, without specific cause. Australian citizens are also encouraged to write to their Upper House MPs to urge them to reject the bill. The second, set up by MP George Christensen, calls for Australian citizens to give their support to a Bill seeking to abolish discrimination based on jab status.


The BMJ has published damning allegations from two whistleblowers exposing serious issues within Pfizer’s covid vaccine trials. The pair detail serious concerns over poor practices at Ventavia Research Group employed to carry out part of the phase III trials. Allegations include the company falsified data, unblinded patients, employed inadequately trained vaccinators and was slow to follow up on reports of adverse events. The same day one as of the whistleblowers reported her concerns to the FDA, she was fired by Ventavia. It’s exactly for these reasons that ANH and the British Society for Ecological Medicine (BSEM) sent an open letter to Matt Hancock in April 2020 detailing concerns related to lack of vaccine transparency and published its 10-point transparency approach


  • Censorship has taken on a sinister edge as preprint server MedRxiv has refused to publish a paper criticising the accuracy of UK government datasets used to compare covid mortality rates between jabbed and unjabbed people. This is highly unusual as preprint servers rarely refuse to publish scientific publications prior to peer review  
  • The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), which advocates the use of ivermectin for the early treatment of covid, is the latest organisation opposing covid measures to have its PayPal account shutdown without warning. In a seemingly coordinated attack the organisation also suffered extreme censorship across its social media accounts
  • Following its temporary removal, a peer reviewed paper authored by Jessica Rose PhD and Dr Peter McCullough linking reports of myocarditis with vaccines has now been permanently removed. The paper can be accessed here.

Covid injections

  • Researchers publishing in Cell Discovery have sounded a warning over the effects of covid jabs on those with pre-existing illnesses after their research revealed dramatic changes in the genetic expression of a range of immune cells. They call for caution when vaccinating those with comorbidities and warn of potential long-term issues and the risk to general human health of these new, experimental jabs
  • In an acknowledgement of the risks of covid jabs, the UK Government is calling on anyone who suspects they may have been harmed following a covid jab to report it to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Yellow Card scheme as part of the global #MedSafetyWeek campaign from 1-7 November 2021
  • A new study released by the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge takes apart a study used by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to promote the 'safety' of covid jabs in pregnancy. The study rips through suggestions that the jabs are safe for use in pregnancy exposing serious errors in the original study and concludes that women are at a 7 to 8 times higher risk of miscarriage than posited in the original study
  • A Swedish preprint study provides further evidence of the lack of effectiveness of covid jabs over time. Researchers found the ability of the jabs to prevent infection dropped to near enough zero while their ability to prevent serious illness also declined significantly. They also pointed out that older, frail men and those with comorbidities experience a much quicker rate of loss of effectiveness. A second study published in the New England Journal of Medicine using data from Israel confirms the reduction of effectiveness of covid jabs to protect against the delta variant within a few months
  • The ability of jabbed individuals to transmit the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been confirmed by researchers writing in The Lancet. The study found fully jabbed individuals have the same viral load similar to someone who’s not been jabbed and can therefore “…efficiently…” transmit the virus to others, albeit in a household setting
  • An independent group of Israeli physicians, lawyers, scientists, and researchers called the Professional Ethics Front sent a letter to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expressing their “severe concerns” regarding the reliability and legality of official Israeli COVID vaccine data, prior to FDA discussions on authorising COVID-19 vaccines for children aged 5-11. Sadly, the warning has gone unheeded as both the FDA and CDC have authorised the emergency use of covid injections for younger children
  • In an explosive video Canadian doctor, Dr Rochagné Kilian, shares her serious concerns about the effects of covid jabs on recipients blood. As an emergency physician she’s used to using d-dimer tests and quickly became concerned as more and more jabbed people ended up in her emergency department and their d-dimer tests showed massive clotting problems. Having received no answers within the medical system Dr Kilian has resigned from her position so she can expose the problems, warn people about the risk to their health following covid jabs and find answers
  • Barcelona football star, Sergio Aguero, was taken off the pitch recently after suffering breathing problems and what appear to be heart related issues. His on pitch replacement, Philippe Coutinho also went on to experience breathing issues that required hospital attention. An Icelandic football player, Emil Palsson (age 28), collapsed with a heart attack during a game in Norway
  • Pfizer has modified the formulation of its covid 'vaccine' by adding an ingredient used to stabilise people that have had a heart attack, to its doses for children aged 5-11 years
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has rolled back previous requirements for employers mandating covid jabs to report any injuries following injection. In what’s being seen as an effort to cover up and minimise jab induced harms, OSHA quietly changed its reporting requirements in May 2021, so businesses no longer need to report any adverse events following injection. The new requirements are set to remain in place until at least May 2022. As OSHA gets ready to impose a vaccine mandate on millions of Americans ,The Heritage Foundation warns that such a move is illegal and that OSHA will immediately open itself up to mass lawsuits as it does not have the requisite authority to issue vaccine mandates.


Thanks to the use of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to treat covid, Uttar Pradesh in India is reported to be covid free. Uttar Pradesh has one of the lowest jab rates in India yet 42 districts remain covid free with the daily case rate in the state not rising above 50 for around two months

A study on the efficacy of ivermectin for covid has been retracted by its authors after it was found the wrong data file was used for its analysis. The researchers say that having re-run their analysis with the correct data their conclusions that ivermectin is an effective treatment for covid remain. They are now looking to republish the paper with the corrected data.

Natural immunity

There are now 102 scientific studies that attest to the power of natural immunity against covid according to a new article published by The Brownstone Institute.


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