Power and money. Two major drivers in life that can be used to create good or mayhem. If you’re still sitting on the fence upon which side the corporatocracy is choosing, this article may well give you a clarifying shiver down the spine. It’s interesting that 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984, which illustrated what the world would be like if we lost the freedom to think for ourselves.

In case you’ve not read the book. The central tenets in Orwell’s fiction to ensure the survival of the 3 'States', included the State subduing its citizens into a mindless mass which executed the will of ‘Big Brother’; the State fuelling the hatred of citizens against its enemy(s); the State having the capacity to destroy other States to avoid war and that the States should periodically change alliances to prevent the potential for a destructive union. Are you starting to feel that shiver yet?  

The Internet has opened up information and communication portals the likes of which the world has never seen before. With it has come an increased level of citizen empowerment because knowledge is power. And with that power comes enhanced freedom of choice, information sharing, gathering of like minds and stronger grassroots movements. We have also seen the growth and expansion of Big Corporate, the corporatocracy, who wield significant power through profits, reach and all too often, political manipulation. It’s not so much Big Government that we need to fear, but the even bigger companies behind them, with Big Tech sitting right in the driver’s seat because it controls the Internet.

We wrote about the mass censorship of natural health portals on social media on 17th July. Since then, damning evidence revealing the extent and reach of Big Tech’s biggest fish, Google’s, active censorship has been exposed by former employee, turned whistleblower, Zachary Vorhies. Documents shared with Project Veritas provide clear evidence that Google knowingly adjusts its algorithms in order to influence the way people think and act. That sounds very much like Google-controlled thought programming to us.

Whilst not blocking access (yet), in doing this, Google is actively removing our freedoms - choice and health being just two of them. Google’s June 2019 update shifted algorithms to make it extremely difficult for individuals to find natural health information in organic searches. Instead, Google prefers mainstream, conventional (approved!) information and places these links in the top ranked search pages. Unless you already know of a site and go directly there to search within it, you are now unlikely to see information from such well known hubs as Mercola, GreenMed Info and a host of others, coming up in organic searches. We appear to have been hit by the March update and have since seen a significant drop off in organic traffic despite having an exemplary track record in publishing factual, credible information fully referenced to original sources.

Human ‘quality’ raters decide who is and isn’t an acceptable arbiter of information. Pages that are considered to potentially impact the “future happiness, health, financial stability, or safety of users” are referred to as “Your Money or Your Life” (YMYL) pages. Those YMYL pages deemed to be of low quality are downrated and pushed into the shadows. How’s that spine tingle now?

Screenshot taken from Project Veritas video quoting from Google documents

In the past year Facebook has quadrupled its number of ‘fact-checking’ partners. Their job? To rate posts. If deemed false (by what criteria?), a post is demoted in news feeds and a fact check notice added. Anyone who tries to share a flagged post will be told it has been debunked. Websites such as Full Fact provide the sanitised facts, which are unsurprisingly the same as the mainstream view, to 're-educate' the searcher and create a smokescreen of credibility.

Throughout the ages the ruling elite have sought to silence dissenting voices. The Internet has created a space for everyone to air opinion regardless of its validity, which has certainly brought challenge, but has also created an enhanced need to think for oneself and make more discerning judgements which are good life skills. As the volume of the voices challenging the corporatocracy and its cronies in government, has grown louder and stronger, their only answer seems to be radical censorship. This action begs the question, if there’s nothing to hide why censor?

In the long run, history tells us that censorship never works. Citizens don’t willingly accept suppression and control, but whilst we’re in the grip of this information blackout, active sharing of information is the only way to go. It’s our continued mission to bring you high quality, referenced information based on ANH’s guiding principles of ‘Good Science and Good Law’.

Below are our top 6 articles from the first half of 2019. Thank for your support and please keep sharing our articles on your social media feeds and networks.

  1. 5G

This year has seen the scramble to bring 5G to the masses escalate exponentially. We sifted through the marketing rhetoric and available science to highlight the potential for health harms from this untested technology and give you the information you need to become a 5G activist. Below you’ll find some highlights from both articles plus links to allow you to read the full article if you’ve not already done so or just refresh yourself.

5G – a public health tragedy in the making?

Despite more and more citizens and politicians waking up to the potential for harm posed by 5G and becoming aware of the absence of any safety studies, roll-out continues. Concerned that more needs to be done to inform consumers over the potential for harm with 5G, proactive broadcaster, Mitchell Rabin from A Better World Radio in New York, invited Rob Verkerk PhD and Meleni Aldridge to a round table discussion on air last week. Read more…

The 5G disconnect – the biggest next gen uncontrolled experiment?

5G refers to ‘5th Generation’ wireless technology. New standards for 5G were agreed in 2017. While the standard will continue to rely on existing technology, especially 4G networks, it provides for new frequencies that utilise shorter wavelengths, so-called millimeter wave frequencies that were born out of military use. Very little information is known about how humans or wildlife might react to the predicted increase in exposure, especially to these new frequencies. Read more…

  1. The Danish re-birth of scientific freedom and integrity

In March ANH founder, executive and scientific director Rob Verkerk PhD attended the inauguration of the new Institute of Scientific Freedom at an international symposium.

The scientific community was rocked last September by the acrimonious expulsion of Dr Peter Gøtzsche, one of the founding members of Cochrane, from the international network of scientists that aims to help clinicians make evidence-based decisions about drugs, surgery and other interventions. Read more…

  1. How childhood trauma can lead to chronically sick adults

The effect of childhood trauma on future health is still little known. ANH-Intl executive coordinator Meleni Aldridge gave an insight into an up and coming area of health research.

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study that appeared in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in 1998 was groundbreaking. Prior to it, there wasn’t much connection being made between childhood trauma and chronically sick adults. The ACE study only covered 10 types of childhood trauma and there are many more e.g. racism, bullying, seeing others being abused, grief, homelessness, loneliness, foster care etc. However, it succeeded in linking adverse childhood experiences to chronic stress, ill health and social problems in adulthood and opened the door to vital support for many more people. Read more…

  1. Carbs, fibre and ongoing diet wars

Rob Verkerk PhD countered a new study promoting the health benefits of fibre, which has been used to push consumption of whole grains and cereals. As part of the article we showed just how easy it is to get the recommended amount of fibre in our diet from a grain-free diet.

The story that made headlines around the world about fibre (see The Guardian) and at the end of last week isn’t going to be a flash in the pan. On the back of it, you can be sure it will be used by governments and the food industry to get us back onto the bread and cereals wagon. Read more…

  1. Reversing diabetes naturally: The evidence 

Type 2 diabetes can be reversed without drug use. The ANH team explored the evidence and options to allow individuals to take back control of their health.

Obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2D) have become the scourge of worldwide healthcare systems. According to figures from the International Diabetes Foundation (IDF) diabetes affected approximately 425 million people worldwide in 2017. Numbers are predicted to rise to 629 million by 2045. Everyday, millions of patients with this potentially life-threatening condition are faced with a lifetime of drug therapy and associated health issues with little or no option for reversing the condition, despite mounting evidence to the contrary. Read more…