The WHO warns of dangers from e-cigarettes

In its latest tobacco report on New and Emerging Products, the World Health Organization is calling for the regulation of tobacco replacement products and warns of the dangers of e-cigarettes and vaping to our health. The tobacco industry has embraced e-cigarettes alongside many public health authorities, touting them as being a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, like so many ‘healthy alternatives’ the truth is somewhat different. Even where products don’t include nicotine, they contain a range of harmful chemicals, which have the potential to cause harm when inhaled. It's safe to say that claims of safety are being overstated by an industry that has already proven its ability to twist science to suit its own goals, the majority of which are financial rather than the health of the individuals using its products.

Pregnancy warnings removed from statins

The US  Food & Drug Administration has approved statins for use in pregnancy. The reason given is that the benefits of statins to a few means they should not be contraindicated for all and that by removing the caution, all who are deemed to need statins (albeit a very small group), can be prescribed the drugs. Until recently statins were not recommended for use in pregnancy due to the lack of safety data. Cholesterol is essential for the proper development of babies and anything that may interfere with a baby’s ability to produce cholesterol could well damage its growth and development. Like so many natural processes, pregnancy is becoming highly medicalised, often leading to harms not only to babies, but mothers alike, and creating further disconnect between a mother, her body and baby.

Artemisia annua effective against SARS-Cov-2

A global coalition of researchers has found that extracts from Artemisia annua can inhibit the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in a laboratory. Publishing in Scientific Reports they report on three different extracts all of which were effective against SARS-CoV-2 and three variants. The new study echoes findings recently published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology which concludes that A. annua may provide safe, low-cost treatment for covid-19. Artemisia, also known as sweet wormwood, is known to possess powerful antiviral properties. Artemsinin from A. annua is commonly used as a malaria treatmentA. annua has a long history of use in herbal medicine to treat a range of infectious diseases. The question now is not whether it can treat covid-19, but will it be censored and dismissed in the same way as all the other natural compounds that act as both preventatives and treatments? In Europe, the situation is complicated by its regulatory status as A. annua is not permitted for use in many Member States.

Covid vaccines and prion disease

In February of this year a study was published warning of the potential for covid vaccines to trigger prion disease. The author, immunologist J Bart Classen, has now published a second paper in the Journal of Medical - Clinical Research & Reviews, that sounds an urgent warning to public health authorities. The data used, from the UK’s Yellow Card reporting system, show that the risk of neurodegenerative harms is far from theoretical. His analysis has found clear signals of the development of Parkinson’s disease (a prion disease) following vaccination against covid-19. Due to the known flaws in the adverse event reporting systems, Classen has suggested that the clinical relevance of his findings could prove to be far higher than the signal he's reporting currently.

Lockdown harms

  • A BBC investigation, using data from NHS Digital, has found the number of under-20s being diagnosed with eating disorders in England, has increased by nearly 50% in the past year as a result of pandemic restrictions. This has led to a significant shortage of specialist treatment beds as community-based services struggle to meet demand
  • A study published in Frontiers in Sociology highlights the negative impact on older people of the use of virtual systems to facilitate contact with friends and family during lockdown. The researchers found that many older people socialising via online platforms were left feeling more lonely and experienced damage to their mental health than those who had little or no contact with others either virtually or face to face.

Is the UK heading towards a social credit system?

What does the introduction of a digital currency, digital ID system, an app that rewards people for healthy living and vaccine passports have in common? Well, to start with they’re all being touted by the UK government currently. They also go hand in hand with the desire to introduce social credit systems such as that found in China, which sees people given virtue points for following the rules. Think it won’t happen? Just look at the insidious creep of CCTV that’s now used to fine those who accidently find themselves breaking rules. If we don’t reject all of these seemingly innocuous impositions on our lives now we could just find ourselves in world that parallels that already in place in China along with the resulting loss of freedoms and rights. Let's just say The Great Reset is well under way unless we, the people, put a stop to it!

CDC withdraws EUA for PCR tests

The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is withdrawing its emergency authorisation of RT-PCR tests, used to diagnose 'cases' of covid-19 and complicit in the 'casedemic' driving fear, lockdowns and curtailment of freedoms, at the end of December 2020. At first glance this suggests that at long last the CDC is recognising the shortcomings of the tests. Dig further and you find that a new test was given full approval in March of this year that identifies multiple viral and bacterial infections including covid-19 and the flu, which has been conspicuous by its absence in the past year. In short, such a change sets the scene for chaos and further justification of ongoing restrictions on citizens' rights and freedoms that could potentially be even more brutal than those seen in the past 18 months.

Covid vaccine news

  • The FDA has requested Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna increase the size of their trials into the use of covid vaccines in children aged 5-11 amidst ongoing safety concerns
  • Indian Doctors for Truth (IDT) have written to the Indian Prime Minister urging him to stop the drive to vaccinate the entire population and instead limit it to those most at risk saying the vaccination campaign is doing more harm than good and that natural immunity is more robust than that conferred by vaccination
  • In the US the Centers for Disease Control is recommending fully vaccinated people wear face coverings in indoor settings due to perceived risks from the Delta variant as the US government struggles to convince the American public that vaccination is in their best interest
  • The French Parliament has passed a controversial law requiring the use of vaccine passports by French citizens aged 12 and older to access everyday activities such as swimming, eating in restaurants and travelling by train or plane. The law also mandates vaccination for healthcare workers. The approval comes despite huge protests recently by French citizens against the measures
  • A case study published in Thyroid details the development of the autoimmune disease, Graves Disease, in two female health care workers in Mexico three days after receipt of a covid vaccine. The article adds to the warnings sounded by Prof Schoenfeld last year and increases the need to protect those who have a history of autoimmune disease.