Seven weeks after launching our collaborative campaign with our colleagues in ANH-USA, we’re delivering a 9-minute video that tries to pull together some of the most salient points we’ve learned on our journey.

Along the way we’ve:

  • Published a 29-page White Paper with over 100 references that pulls together the scientific and legal arguments for why discrimination according to vaccination or immune status is likely illegal in most countries.

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  • Argued that most covid vaccinations are likely illegal because they are not administered with vaccinees being given an opportunity for properly informed medical consent
  • Produced seven videos: the first to signal the campaign launch; the second to bring to life concerns over the mechanism, molecular mimicry; the third to expose the legal implications of discrimination on the basis of vaccination status; the fourth giving patient champions a voice; the fifth recording the views of expert champions; the sixth expresses concerns over the use of experimental covid vaccines on children, and; now the seventh (below) that in particular focuses on a selection of private companies and institutions which are – or are not – discriminating according to vaccination status.  
  • Expanded awareness of the problems of discriminating according to vaccination status.

We are now engaged behind the scenes with helping individuals overcome specific cases of discrimination in the hope that discriminatory policies by private companies or institutions will be reversed. We are very aware that such reversals of private or institutional policies may only occur following legal action, an approach that will be necessary if all else fails.

Are you or a loved one facing discrimination? We may be able to help.

Should you, or your children or loved ones, face discrimination on the basis of vaccination status that could lead to the loss of a job or the inability to enroll for education, we might be able to help. Please email us at [email protected] with the subject ‘Discrimination’ so that we can engage privately.

We’re hugely grateful to all of you who have helped support this campaign both financially and by sharing our information and collateral. Please keep doing so – as discrimination will likely become more severe in the coming weeks and months and will only by reversed by coordinated, mass grassroots and legal opposition. 

Members Q&A

Please note we’re also convening our first live Q&A session for our Pathfinder Members (whether individual, practitioner, community or business) on Thursday 8th July at 14:00h GMT. If you're a member who isn't signed up to receive direct emails from us, you'll find a link to register for the webinar in the Members Portal. If you haven't opted out of the mailing list, please check your emails as you have been sent a personal invitation.  

Your Right to kNOw video: Where the Rubber Meets the Road


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