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  • Natural News Roundup & Covid Corner (week 13/2022)

    31 March 2022

    Prevention is the future of medicine; CAM therapies reduce farming antibiotic use; Artifical sweeteners & cancer; Call to allow use of term probiotic in EU; Type 2 diabetes predisposes sufferers to more chronic illness; Covid Corner

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  • Natural News Roundup (week 05/2022)

    02 February 2022

    Magnesium essential for immune system function; BPA can cross the placenta; CBD, novel foods & toxicology; Wearable tech and cancer; EU bans antibiotic use in livestock; Increased resilience improves health; Supplements reduce autoimmune disease risk; Cell phones damage male fertility; Diet and cancer

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  • Weekly news update (week 28, 2021)

    15 July 2021

    Vanden Bossche vindicated by SAGE; Global vaccine tyranny; Antibiotic resistance crisis; EU should regulate gene editing; Keto diet & cancer; Magic pill for coeliacs; UK theatres open, then close!; Covid vaccine pushbacks; Fermented food for gut health; Covid vaccines, infections & adverse reactions; Censored & suspended

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  • Natural News Roundup (week 04/2022)

    26 January 2022

    Common infections kill; Plant foods improve brain health; Pollution levels beyond safe limits; Migration to drive UK population growth

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  • News Alerts: Week 10, 2020

    04 March 2020

    US scientists challenge saturated fat guidelines; Pharma’s influence over US politics; Cannabis as an antibiotic; US obesity rates hit 20-year high; EU MEPs support supplement use; WHO partners with AYUSH; Skyrocketing early-onset dementia in US

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  • Weekly news update (week 16, 2021)

    21 April 2021

    Designed to Heal podcast; Health e-Learning platform launch; No new antibiotics; Nature's noise reduces pain & stress; Covid & children’s mental health; Pesticide toxicity increase; UK 5G action takes a step forward

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  • News Alerts: Week 04, 2021

    27 January 2021

    Lockdowns – the idea; Freedom Network; Covid, autoantibodies & autoimmunity; Homeopathy & cancer; Pandemic impact on young people; Coca-cola severs ties with ILSI; Antibiotics for animals

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  • News Alerts: Week 09, 2019

    27 February 2019

    Ireland postpones VAT on food supplements; Common chemical promotes antibiotic resistance; Brexit & sugar reduction; Benefits of yoga; Big Pharma closes in on cannabis market; Glyphosate cancer link strengthens; Organic better for health

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  • Can natural medicine come to the rescue of antibiotics?

    09 October 2019

    Pukka Herbs partners with the College of Medicine to kick start an initiative that aims to overcome antimicrobial resistance

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  • News Alerts: Week 42, 2019

    16 October 2019

    Big Pharma cuts antibiotic research; Singapore ad bans on sugary drinks; Mayors sign-up to Planetary Health Diet; Childhood obesity crisis; Big Ag EU GM pushback begins; Nature prescriptions; Brazil bee deaths

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