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Natural News

  • A new report published by non-profit UK Onward called Burnt Out Britain is shattering 3 common myths related to how we use our time, namely that most people are not getting enough sleep, are working too much and that people are rushed. UK Onward differentiates between 4 different types of time: necessary (sleep, eat), contracted (paid work), committed (childcare, dog walking) and free time (socialising, hobbies etc) that all compete with each other, suggesting it's the amount of activities we're trying to cram into one day that's causing us to burn out, not lack of sleep or working too much
  • Scientists are now looking to develop a 'vaccine', through an EU funded study, to prevent heart disease by manipulating the immune system. Instead of focussing on lifestyle and dietary changes, researchers believe that a future vaccine, targetting the immune system, is more likely to work in preventing atherosclerosis and have already conducted studies in mice. Despite years of evidence of how inflammation is caused by poor diet and lifestyle factors, scientists are yet again resorting to developing yet another 'blockbuster' vaccine that will do little for improving health but much for lining the coffers of Big Pharma
  • As Big Pharma turns its attention to the creation of 'vaccines' to tackle a growing number of disease states, a Moderna spokesman has confirmed it's aspiration to be able to offer new 'vaccines' to target cancer, heart disease and a range of other conditions by 2030
  • Taking vitamin D is associated with a significant reduction in the risk of developing dementia incidence compared to not using any supplementation. The findings are published in Alzheimer's & dementia

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  • Using homeopathic treatments alongside standard treatment for breast cancer patients, helped alleviate the side effects of the treatments and a reduction in the amount of drugs needed to counter the side effects, according to a new French retrospective cohort study published in Clinical Breast Cancer

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  • A few simple fixes could significantly reduce emissions from cell phones. That's the claim of a new peer reviewed study published in The International Journal of Environmental Research and Publich Health by a team of researchers from the International Commission on the Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (ICBE-EMF). The researchers claim low cost software and hardware modifications to phones would be easy to implement and at least one such fix already exists and has been patented. The Defender explores the study and its implications in more detail
  • The global dietary supplement market is predicted to grow exponentially over the next 7 years from $140.8 billion to more than $620 billion in 2030 as more and more people look to support their health and wellbeing naturally, driven in part due to the coronavirus crisis, which has focused people's attention on supporting their health more naturally
  • The obsession with reducing fat intake to control weight continues as scientists turn their attention to manipulating the very systems that control a wide range of physiological processes. This time it's the mechanism that blocks a nutrient-sensing protein kinase known as AMPK. Using a mouse model scientists genetically altered the mice to disable the mechanism that blocks AMPK when higher levels of fat are eaten, believing it will allow the metabolism to work more effectively to overcome metabolic disease. What this work doesn't take into account is that diets high in ultra-processed foods are the key culprit in driving metabolic dysfunction and damaging metabolic processes. Genetic tinkering to allow consumption of 'large amounts' of fat won't fix the root cause of the issue. If anything it's more likely to cause even more issues as AMPK is intimately involved in controlling a very wide range of physiological processes from cell growth and energy, protein synthesis, blood glucose, immune function - and much more - as well as helping to regulate metabolism.  

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Covid News

  • The US has finally brought the covid national emergency to an end with the signing of a bipartisan congressional resolution by President Biden despite his earlier opposition to it
  • Clips of a presentation given by pathologist, Dr Arne Burkhardt, are being shared across the Internet as his message that covid jabs can impair male fertility is picked up. Dr Burkhardt’s presentation was made in January 2023 at the ‘Pandemic Strategies: Lessons and Consequences’ conference held in Sweden. In it he shares a case study showing tissue samples from a 28 year-old male that contained an abundance of spike protein in the testes. Commenting on his findings Dr Burkhardt said, “If I were a woman in fertile age, I would not plan a motherhood from a man who has been vaccinated”; and “I find these pictures very disturbing”
  • BBC presenter Lisa Shaw died from vaccine induced thrombocytopenia a week after she was injected with the Astrazeneca covid shot. Despite his best attempts to engage with the UK government on behalf of other victims of the jabs, her husband, Gareth Eve, is now taking legal action against Astrazeneca to draw attention to the harms being caused by covid jabs
  • Australia has officially withdrawn the Astrazeneca covid jab from use due to it causing blood clots (thrombosis) with low platelets (thrombocytopenia)
  • Use of covid jabs during 2021 and 2022 led to "...unintended selective all-cause mortality harms..." concludes a new preprint study. It also states researchers quesstioning the safety and efficacy of covid shots are seeking answers to make sense of anomalies in the data and are not 'anti-vaxxers'
  • Taking dietary supplements reduces the severity and level of adverse reactions following covid shots according to new research published in Nutrients from Italian researchers. The results of their survey of 776 Italian citizens aged between 18 and 86 mirror those found in the analysis of survey data from Control Group participants
  • Researchers from St George's hospital, London have found mask wearing in the hospital had virtually no effect in reducing transmission of covid. The findings are due to be shared at the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (ECCMID 2023, Copenhagen, 15-18 April)
  • mRNA technology has just entered a darker realm as Chinese scientists add mRNA to cows milk. The milk was fed to mice who developed antibodies to the spike protein created showing the mRNA was absorbed from the intestine into the body. The revelations raise huge ethical issues in terms of adding such technology to foods - (research is also ongoing into the addition of mRNA to plants to act as a 'vaccine') - particularly if it was done with minimal transparency or labelling of products
  • Silenced is a new documentary made by independent film makers in New Zealand, that tells the story of the massive censorship of those opposing the covid narrative over the past three years. The film has already been censored by Vimeo, which pulled the documentary down on the pretext that it violated its terms of service
  • A new systematic review of the harms of mask wearing, including Mask-Induced Exhaustion Syndrome (MIES), validates previous data showing the harms of regular mask wearing. Guy Gin discusses the new review in more details on his Substack
  • A study included in the ongoing release of Pfizer covid jab related documents in March clearly shows Pfizer ignored its findings which showed the toxicity and clear side effects of the shots that did not fit with the narrative that the jabs are safe and effective. The authors of the study instead chose to state there was no systemic toxicity and that the jab was well tolerated. The Naked Emperor has more on his Substack
  • Australian Bank, ANZ, is reducing the number of its branches that will handle cash in order to steer its customers into preferentially using digital transactions
  • A new article from US Right To Know exquistely details the timeline of the Proximal Origin Nature Medicine cover-up of the covid origin saga
  • A recent study published in BMC Infectious Diseases suggesting as many as 280,000 deaths in the US may be as a result of covid shots, has been retracted after it attracted expressions of concern over the validity of author, Prof Mark Skidmore’s, conclusions. Despite the paper not meeting the COPE criteria needed to remove a paper from publication, Springer is refusing to discuss the retraction decision, showcasing a clear example of how the scientific community cherry picks its evidence
  • Dr Madhava Setty attended the 23rd World Vaccine Congress, billed as ‘The most important vaccine event of the year’ in the US recently. His account of the event along with the responses to his questions to the presenters and panellists provide a rare insight into the stance of vaccine proponents in their own surroundings. His final assessment? Their foundation is riddled with subsidence putting their entire structure at serious risk of collapse
  • Standford University in the US has finally dropped its covid jab mandates for students and staff alike
  • What happened to multiple participants in Pfizer clinical trials of its covid shot? The mysterious case of the missing trial IDs is investigated by OpenVAET and Josh Guetzkow who explore how multiple participant IDs have gone missing from trial data sets and show that it's unlikely to be have been caused by simple mistakes
  • A new preprint study discussing the accumulation of spike protein in the brain following covid infection also implicates covid shots in causing neurological issues
  • Mike Fairclough was a headteacher in the UK. That is until he spoke out about the serious impact of covid restrictions on children. His reward for raising his concerns? He was attacked, smeared, investigated and monitored by the UK Counter Disinformation Unit. You can read his story here as he continues to speak out
  • Babies and young children aged between 6 months and four years, deemed to be vulnerable due to health conditions, in the UK will be eligible to be given two Pfizer jabs despite children being at low risk from covid
  • Newly released figures from Italy's ISTAT reveal a plummet in the numbers of live births in 2022. A situation that's now considered to be a national emergency by the Italian government. Numbers of births are at their lowest level since 1861
  • Using data taken from VAERS revealed nearly 20,000 adverse reactions inc 56 deaths in children occurred following covid jabs. Researchers concluded in the newly published study, "Though causality could not be established in our study, its results suggest that currently approved COVID-19 vaccines are relatively safe in children aged 5–17 years"
  • The US RESTRICT Act poses yet another significant threat to freedom of speech. It's language is extremely broad and non-specific making it possible for the US government to have unfettered access to personal data contained on electronic devices and across the internet, making it yet another way for government control to be enacted.


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