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Natural News

  • Media headlines are shouting about the risks of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, heart attacks and strokes in those that eat the highest amounts of ultra-processed foods. The headlines stem from research (here and here), presented at this year’s European Society of Cardiology Congress (ESCC), although the two papers haven’t been published in a peer reviewed journal yet. However, despite the avalanche of recent papers showing the negative health effects of UPFs on our health, governments globally continue to look the other way, giving food manufacturers the green light to continue their assault on our health
  • Children counselled to eat a healthier diet, read more and take part in organised sports experienced improved cognitive skills. In order to garner media coverage regarding the results of a new study from Finland, published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, the authors chose to focus on reporting the news that a reduction in red meat and increase in low fat dairy consumption were among the primary reasons for the improved reasoning skills seen rather than focus on improvements in their diet overall. The reporting of the contribution of increased levels of reading and exercise was given far less importance, despite their known benefits for improved cognitive health
  • Some hearing loss is considered normal as we age however, levels of hearing loss in the US are expected to double in the coming years. An interesting new mouse study, published in PLOS Biology, has identified reduced levels of cholesterol affects the ability of the outer hair cells in the ears to amplify sounds. Supplementing the mice with plant-based sterols (phytosterols) improved levels of cholesterol, which in turn improved their hearing. Given that many people, as they age, are now prescribed statins to reduce their cholesterol levels, it may be they're also impacting their hearing rather than improving it as is currently thought.

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  • Big biotech companies are pushing the commercialisation of gene edited soil organisms. A new report from Friends of the Earth US, outlines the massive risks posed by such technology and makes recommendations to protect the environment from novel organisms that could cause chaos if released. As the authors of the report state so succinctly "There are massive gaps in our knowledge that impede our ability to thoroughly assess risks and to predict the consequences of releasing GE microbes into the environment."
  • #SaveourCBD is a new campaign launched by the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI). The campaign is calling on the UK government’s Home Office to “…establish a legal framework…” that will allow businesses in the CBD sector to sell their products and free them from the threat of being closed down. The campaign comes after the Home Office declared Jersey Hemp’s products illegal and revoked its licence, despite it complying with existing rules set out by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). The lack of a framework is leaving manufacturers in limbo as the FSA's novel food process is currently unable to deal with applications.

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  • US Senators Durbin and Blumenthal have sent a letter to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), outlining concerns about proposed changes to the Office of Dietary Supplement Programs (ODSP) as they continue their campaign to regulate supplements in the same way as drugs. ANH-USA has helped defeat the duo's schemes once already and will continue to oppose their actions
  • It's predicted that one in 11 workers will be employed by the UK’s NHS by 2036. The news comes from an analysis of the NHS's long-term workforce plan, by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, designed to shore up a system that's under extreme pressure. Whilst such expansion is seen by some as a positive move, in reality it mirrors the ever growing epidemic of chronic disease, which is already crippling services. Perhaps now is the time to step back, take a long hard look at the health of the nation and make a 180 degree turn to focus on creating and maintaining health rather than continuing to crank a hamster wheel that goes nowhere.

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News from ANH-USA

  • Over 12 bills are currently being considered in relation to the problem of PFAS contamination in the US. Despite the level of scrutiny, none come close to demanding a much needed ban as the scale and urgency of the problem is underestimated. The ANH-USA team look at the various bills under consideration and call on Americans to contact their representatives to push for a complete ban on all PFAS chemicals. Read more
  • 5G networks are being rolled out across the US with scarcely a nod to the lack of safety testing and the plethora of science revealing the harms of the technology. The very institutions that are meant to protect the American public from harm are totally failing in their duty to carry out this mandate. Find out more
  • Ron Hoffman, MD, explores a fascinating new study testing aromatherapy oils on people whilst sleeping, to see if they can enhance memory. Check out the story here.

Covid News

  • New data from Queensland, Australia, revealed as part of a legal case, show the explosion of covid cases, as the state reopened following the rollout of covid jabs, were in those who had been jabbed, whilst deaths were mostly in the double jabbed. The case has been brought by Doctors Against Mandates challenging workplace mandates for covid jabs, put in place in 2021. Despite the data showing obvious issues with the jabs, the Queensland authorities continued to maintain the mandates well into 2022. Rebekah Barnett explores the data in her recent Substack
  • Mainstream media is going crazy over a new evidence review, from the Royal Society, assessing non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) during covid, stating that NPIs were “unequivocally” effective in reducing covid transmission pre-jabs. The six individual studies, that make up the review, are largely based on low quality observational and modelling studies. They did not take into consideration harms from NPIs, which the report says is for others to assess. It’s of no surprise to learn that Professor Neil Ferguson was one of the peer-reviewers involved in the project. Will Jones writing in The Daily Sceptic has more.
  • Dr Byram Bridle discusses the shocking decisions of physicians who refused to carry out life-saving transplants on patients who, having made an informed decision, refused to be covid ‘vaccinated’. At least two of those patients have since been allowed to die
  • As calls are made for people to start wearing masks again (both in the UK and US) a new study, published in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, found they expose their wearers to dangerous levels of toxic chemicals. Disposable masks, including medical-grade N95 masks, were found to release eight times the recommended safety limit for toxic volatile organic compounds (TVOCs). Read Gary Sidley’s, of the Smile Free campaign, recent op-ed on masks
  • Public health officials in the US were warned of serious errors in their advice regarding mask wearing in a letter from seven top scientists in 2021. Led by Michael Osterholm PhD, the letter pointed out that the information and recommendations provided by the US authorities, may have put individuals at increased risk of becoming infected with covid rather than protecting them. The Epoch Times has the full story of how US authorities ignored the warning instead choosing to step up the promotion of mask wearing, regardless of the potential impacts on individual health
  • A judge in Germany, who was doing his job, has been given a two year suspended sentence. His crime? Trying to overturn unjustified mask mandates at two schools during the pandemic
  • Covid jabs are damaging children's immune systems for up to six months following injection. A new study published in Frontiers of Immunology has found that covid mRNA jabs effectively "reprogram" children's immune systems (both adaptive and innate) making them less able to deal with other viral infections
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has quietly stopped the reporting of covid jab adverse events to its V-Safe Program. The app stopped enrolling new participants in May of this year and stopped accepting new reports at the end of June. The CDC states it’s developing a new version of V-Safe for future vaccines, which would, presumably, separate data making it much harder to analyse future safety issues
  • An analysis of VAERS data, published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, has identified safety signals in regard to the development of myo/pericarditis and other heart related symptoms following covid jabs, particularly in children and adolescents. The researchers found significant signals for both males and females following a second dose
  • A meta analysis, published in BMJ Open, compared the risk of unvaccinated people developing peri/myocarditis against the risk following covid jabs. The risk of developing heart issues following covid jabs was found to be twice that of unvaccinated people
  • Irish authorities will decide what constitutes misinformation and judge what information people should or shouldn’t have access to according to the Media Minister in response to questions from a journalist recently. The Minister repeatedly refused to give a straight answer to his questions prompting him to comment “… you are literally regulating truth itself”
  • A US Army whistleblower has gone public to make people aware of significant increases in levels of intentional self-harm, assaults, suicide attempts and heart related issues such as myocarditis in the US military in 2021. Once it was known that Lt Ted Macie hadn’t been covid jabbed other service members began to share their adverse reactions following covid injections with him, leading to him querying the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED), which holds medical diagnoses for the armed forces, for related issues. He began to widen his search net after his wife asked if other problems had increased that wouldn't necessarily be linked to covid injections. The Epoch Times has more
  • Dr Peter McCullough has published a new protocol designed to reduce the burden of spike protein in the body that is thought to be largely responsible for post covid and post-jab injury syndromes. The paper, published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, which focuses on the use of bromelain, nattokinase and curcumin to denature the spike protein, also discusses the use other compounds such as N-acetylcysteine (NAC), ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, selenium, Nigella sativa (black seed) and glutathione amongst others
  • Covid pandemic interventions resulted in a reduction in gut microbiome diversity and abundance in young children according to a new paper published in Nature
  • Two lawsuits have been brought against Astrazeneca in the UK. The product liability claims have been made by the husband of a woman who died following her first covid jab and a man who developed thrombotic thrombocytopenia after his jab
  • Growing numbers of governments worldwide are actively considering implementing digital ID systems based on an open-source platform called MOSIP (Modular Open Source Identity Platform). Funders of the system include the Gates Foundation, the World Bank and eBay founder, Pierre Omidyar. Implementation of such a system would lead to people having to obtain a digital ID in order to access public goods and services. The Defender has the story
  • Doctors in Malaysia have the legal right to prescribe ivermectin to their patients, even if it goes against Health Ministry bans. The confirmation comes after the Malaysian Appellate Court overturned a previous High Court dismissal of a lawsuit filed by the Malaysian Association for the Advancement of Functional and Interdisciplinary Medicine (MAAFIM).

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