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Natural News

  • My Health Alliance: ANH-USA joins new advocacy alliance as stakes escalate. The unveiling of a brand new collaboration to lobby the US government on health and nutrition issues took place at the 10th Anniversary celebrations of the Organic & Natural Health Association recently. The brainchild of the Organic & Natural Health Association, My Health Alliance consists of ANH-USA, American Grassfed Association, Moms Across America, Organic Consumers Association, along with Natural Grocers and the natural products trade association, SENPA.

    The combined might of Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Ag and Big Biotech now presents a major and unprecedented threat to the integrity and quality of our food supply. Tentacles of these super-industries exert immense lobbying power on Capitol Hill and exploit revolving doors with US regulatory agencies (including the FDA, FTC, EPA, and USDA) and ultimately compromise the health of millions of Americans. Knowing that working together provides a stronger front, the new coalition will be activating a network that numbers more than 4.5 million people to push the needle on a range of critical issues affecting nutrition and health. Rob Verkerk, PhD, ANH-USA executive & scientific director, reflecting on the ground-breaking meeting in Cape Coral, said:

"The health of the public is being hit from multiple angles, and not only is government not doing much about, it’s actively working against the public interest to the benefit of some of the biggest corporations on the planet”

“Under the watchful eyes of the FDA and USDA, our food supply is being infiltrated by synthetic biology products, and contaminated by additives, labeled “safe” with no data. The FDA then encourages big corporations to lay claim on natural medicines, and routinely green-lights synthetic additives that are known to have health concerns, some of which have been shown to be cancer-causing. And let’s not forget how the FTC is actively working to limit free speech on natural health while Big Social censors more and more posts that don’t comply with mainstream medical views. You have to look at the threats from all angles to see just how problematic they are if we’re to create healthy societies”


  • Dental services in the UK are in crisis, leading the UK government to publish plans on how to tackle the issue and improve dental health overall. As part of its Plan to improve dental health, it's proposing to start widespread fluoridation of public water supplies in NE England, following a consultation that looks little more than a sham attempt to listen to people's views. Parents beware! The Plan also sets out actions for mobile dental units to go into schools with the aim of putting fluoride varnish on childrens' teeth to 'prevent decay'. The Plan conveniently ignores a plethora of evidence showing the health harms of fluoride
  • As a landmark fluoride trial in the US continues, tensions are rising as lawyers for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) try to discredit expert witnesses for the Fluoride Action Network, which has brought the action. The Defender has more detail

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  • Could scientists have found a way to reduce the effects of ageing? Researchers publishing in Nature Ageing believe genetically modified T cells (a type of immune cell) may be the answer to ageing. Using mice, the researchers claim older mice were ‘rejuvenated’ and young mice aged more slowly when injected with the modified T cells, which are designed to eliminate ageing cells. The jury’s out on the safety of modified CAR T cells after concerns were raised about CAR T cell therapies used to combat cancer, which have been found to cause cancer
  • Vitamin C is a powerful treatment for sepsis related acute lung infections. A new review published in Antioxidants underscores the potency of vitamin C and its ability to tackle acute infections.

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  • Calls are being made for the UK government to approve the toxic weedkiller, glyophsate, for a wider range of uses, including as a pre-harvest desiccant (drying agent), following the reauthorisation of glyphosate use in the EU for an additional 10 years. Farmers' unions are claiming the reauthorisation in the EU was due to ‘science-led evidence’, however the renewal was down to a technicality after agreement couldn’t be reached on approval. In a shock move, the European Commission has announced it will be withdrawing the highly controversial Sustainable Use Regulation (SUR), which was supposed to halve pesticide use in the EU by 2030. Another case of regulators caving under the intense pressure of corporate lobbying
  • The regulation of plants using new genomic techniques (NGTs) or gene editing, is under the microscope in the EU currently after proposals to deregulate the technology were given approval by a key committee. Following the acceptance of the proposal, members of the Natural Resources (NAT) Commission adopted an opinion warning of the potential dangers of unregulated NGTs and risks to future agricultural sustainability. On Wednesday 7th February 2024, the EU Parliament voted in favour of labelling and traceability of all new GMOs, but voted to remove the requirement for risk assessments, coexistence and the right of Member States to prohibit new GMOs, which ultimately, could unleash a tsunami of untested genetically edited plants into the environment with little or no oversight. Once again the EU has given into pressure from Big Biotech, potentially opening the door to unregulated gene edited animals and microbes. Corporate Observatory has all the details of the implications of the vote
  • The Natural Resources (NAT) Commission's warnings are supported by a recent study, co-published by the Environment Agency of Austria, which calls attention to the risks of off-target mutations caused by genetic tinkering, which are often not picked up by those manipulating the genomes of plants and animals. The authors call for a robust system of risk assessment to be implemented, along with labelling of such products
  • Sperm health is intimately linked to the health of a man’s seminal microbiome according to new research published in Scientific Reports. Researchers found that high levels of the bacteria, Lactobacillus iners, reduced sperm’s ability to swim properly meaning it was less able to reach and fertilise an egg.

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  • Canadian health minister, Adriana Lagrange from Alberta, has come under fire after participating in a meeting discussing the role of naturopathic medicine in primary healthcare, as she sought to understand how Naturopathic practitioners could complement mainstream medical options
  • Controversial Alzheimer's drug, Aduhelm, has been abandoned by drugmaker Biogen, even though the drug was approved by the FDA despite being accompanied by a raft of serious adverse reactions.

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  • The widespread use of a multitude of plants for medicinal purposes by rural communities in Ghana is highlighted by a new study published in Heliyon. The study laments the ongoing loss of indigenous knowledge, as Big Pharma looks to hijack nature to create new products to patent and bolster failing profits.

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  • Swedish researchers are calling for the recommended amount of daily licorice intake to be reduced from its current level, after they found daily intake of 100 mg of glycyrrhizic acid (GA) increased blood pressure in healthy subjects in a small study of 28 people
  • Latest figures from the British Heart Foundation call attention to a significant increase in heart disease, heart attacks and stroke in the UK in 2022 in those under the age of 75, in England, leading to a 14 year high in heart disease related deaths.

ANH-USA Update

  • If you don’t like the conclusions, stop doing the science. This seems to be the latest way to censor unwanted information. In this instance the US National Toxicology Program (NTP) has recently announced it has no further plans to study the health effects of radiofrequency radiation (RFR), despite its own research finding ‘clear evidence’ of health harms linked to RFR. Read more
  • Dr Ron Hoffman considers recent reports in the Wall Street Journal, which highlight the deterioration in Americans’ health in recent decades. As he says, something’s happening, but it’s not clear what. Read the full story

Covid News

  • Eating a healthy diet high in vegetables, fruit, herbs, spices and fermented foods protects against becoming sick with covid and also speeds up the recovery process if you do become sick, according to a new preprint study
  • Anomalies in excess death data in Australia is exposed by Australian journalist, Clare Pain. In a new substack post she reveals the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has changed the model it uses to calculate excess deaths, resulting in a halving of the previous figures
  • Following criticism of a recent study claiming covid jabs have caused 17 million deaths, lead author, Denis Rancourt, has responded to Tracey Beth Hoeg PhD’s critique in a new Substack. His commentary comes following a robust in-person debate with Hoeg and seeks to address her disbelief of the original paper’s conclusions
  • Dr Mark Trozzi sadly joins the list of doctors stripped of their license to practise, by the Ontario Physicians and Surgeons Discipline (OPSD) Tribunal due to 'professional misconduct', because he spoke out against covid restrictions and warned people about the potential harms of covid jabs. He will be appealing the decision. Meanwhile, the OPSD has, withdrawn all charges against Dr Jean Marc Benoit over his Twitter posts questioning the covid narrative
  • Lockdowns, social distancing and mask use weren’t supported by robust scientific evidence according to a Florida Grand Jury investigation, initiated by Florida governor, Ron de Santis. The jury was unable to reach a conclusion on covid shots due to the unwillingness of prospective witnesses to appear before the hearing
  • Significant concerns have been raised following publication of a paper in Nature Communications claiming covid is particularly dangerous for pregnant women and their babies and that covid shots reduce risk considerably. It’s of no surprise that the publication of the paper received widespread coverage in the mainstream media. Prof Norman Fenton poses questions for which the paper either has vague or no answers and reveals, that despite requesting access to the raw data, no response has been received from the authors.


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