Another decade has passed by. The team at ANH have been unbelievably busy this year continuing our work started nearly 18 years ago, pushing forward the boundaries of natural health. Making natural health more acceptable and available to more and more people.

It’s all in a day’s work for the ANH crew.

From promoting health choice, educating about the benefits for those who choose to go natural, debunking bad science, exposing scientific fraud and cronyism, promoting science-based healthy eating – and developing altogether new models for how we can make healthcare sustainable in the future. 

But we couldn’t have done it without your support – so a big thank you! But it doesn’t stop there. Your support is needed more than ever as the stakes grow ever higher. Together we hold the cards to protect our fundamental freedoms, including our ability to manage our health through natural means. We’d be so grateful for any donation you can give to help us to continue our work into the new decade. You’ll find links to our donation page from the homepage of our website.

Health creators, we offer you Season’s and New Year’s greetings. And from the ANH team, we wish you, your loved ones and families, all the very best in health and in life for the dawning of a new decade.

Join us for a look back at just a few of our most popular or seminal events over that time. Ten very fruitful and passionate years working with nature not against it and delivered through our campaigns, activism, research and education, because we C.A.R.E. deeply about people and planet. (The links to the articles mentioned in the video are in the table below.)

Highlights of the last decade

Looking back at the last 10 years in articles


October: Rob Verkerk presents ANH sustainability blueprint to US healthcare professionals at Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute

May: Calling citizen activists, we sound the alarm over the 5G next gen uncontrolled experiment and the myriad of health and environment dangers it brings

January: Our special in-depth report deconstructing and exposing weaknesses of the EAT-Lancet report

December: A new model for health care - our ground-breaking health sustainability blueprint published

November: ANH partners to reverse obesity and diabetes spiral in ASEAN countries

May: We update our healthy eating guidelines for adults and children


October: Breaking new ground in practitioner training in functional testing

May: Spearheading a collaboration for pioneering health policy transformation & individual health empowerment app

January: Calling out the Bayer-Monsanto merger for dumping GM crops on developing countries


December: Alerting UK All Party Parliamentary Group in Westminster to dire need for sustainable healthcare revolution

October: Rob Verkerk and Finn Murray win the debate in Ireland for eating sustainably produced animal-based products vs vegan only

February: Bursting the statin bubble with 10 things everyone should know before popping a statin


November: Leading the way for innovating new risk/benefit approaches to vitamin safety

April: Partnering with cancer care charity Yes to Life to host international healthcare crisis think tank

January: Launch of our Food4Health campaign with revolutionary, new health creative eating guidelines for adults and children


November: ANH supports relief efforts for Ebola crisis with Rob Verkerk on the ground in Sierra Leone

October: Raising the red flag to voice concerns for the organic poultry sector

September: ANH founder, Rob Verkerk PhD, is honoured with Global Free Speech Award in USA


November: ANH commissions new approach to determining vitamin safety

August: Campaigning alongside mother of Neon Roberts after legally enforced brain tumour treatment against her wishes

July: Rob Verkerk sounds grave warning in New Statesmen over GM technologies


May: Rob Verkerk on the future of healthcare at functional medicine Gala dinner in London

August: We release hard data showing food supplements are the safest substances to which we are commonly exposed

January: ANH compares the difference between dieticians and nutritional therapists and why never the twain shall meet


November: ANH gears up for legal challenge to EU Herbal Directive

August: We raise concerns over disproportionate impacts of EU herbal directive

January: ANH takes up the baton on UK school dinner revolution essential for kids health


September: Rob Verkerk issues personal perspective on what ‘natural’ really means

March: A very public debate over Codex and global control of the food supply between Rob Verkerk and an FAO scientist

January: All new ANH research (here and here) identifies necessary change to risk/benefit approach for vitamin/mineral supplements and suggests a new model